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  1. Hi Tavarro, I have posted on another post of yours. Now I am here because my tax advocate really helped me out and solve my issue, but Im looking at my transcripts and I have a code 290 20151405 04-27-2015 nd my favorite code 846 04-27-2015. So based on cycle my ddd would be 04-16-2015 but this says 04-27-2015. Which date would it be?

    • Yeah I have same code and same dates I was wondering same thing Ive been waiting for this since I filed on feb. 7 but had injured spouse I don’t know if I will have other codes or not.

      • I filed jan 31 but was under reviewed. I had been given a 846 on 02-26-2015 but then an 841 thats same day. I hope its not the case this time around.

    • Kelli Congrats on your 846 !!! The Tax advocates have been great in helping people this year from what we have seen. I’m glad this was the case with you as well. You should have your refund on or before 4/16/2015. The 4/27/2015 is their worst case scenario date. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t see it a few days earlier since a tax advocate is involved in your case.

  2. On my transcript I have cycle: 20151405
    Followed by Date: 04/27/2015
    Then the following codes:

    Can someone please tell me what the 806 code means? I am clueless.

    • Heather 806 is W-2 Withholding – you should have other codes like 570, 846, 971 etc…. Do you have any other codes. Have you checked your transcript in the last few days?

  3. Hello Tavorro,

    I have a 846 for part of my refund but the rest of my refund is still on hold. My cycle date is 20151305 and next to that says 4-20-2015. I also have another question on my transcript the last code is 420 but the date across is 4-03-2015. I received a letter from the irs but returned the item the needed. Could you let me know what to do? Thanks for all help.

    • Tiaria, If you have a 420 Code I would definitely get a Tax advocate involved unless the IRS told you the Item they sent resolves the 420 Code. It never hurts to get an advocate working for you because in some instances they can even speed up your final refund portion. Did you have multiple people filing and one of the individuals return was processed and one wasn’t?

  4. I’ll keep you updated, on the phone right now.

  5. UPDATE****
    Ok so my wmr page and the irs2go app says my tax return is being reviewed, but I got an email from my bank about an activity going on so I logged on and its there my return is finally there. Good luck to the rest of you guys waiting.

    Refund Received Tavorro Tax Tips

    • Congrats on your refund !! Kelli, your experience with the WMR Page is very normal. Many have reported that they received their refund before the site ever updated. Hopefully this will be something the IRS works on prior to next year’s tax filing season.

  6. I got and 846 code with a 20151405 is that for 4-16 deposit it has 4-15 to 4-27 and will my irs status change tonight to refund sent?

  7. Is that normal?

    • Yes T.K. we have seen it take 24 hours to post to some accounts.

      If it says it was sent, it was. My only other question is – are you sure the account # was correct, and have you verified that your bank will accept the amount of your refund? Some banks and debit cards have limits.

      If this is a bank account and not a preloaded debit card etc…. you should be able to call your bank’s customer service department and they should be able to see pending transactions.

      Keep us posted.

  8. Call the bank and they don’t see nothing pending..

  9. Wrong routing number….my check has been mailed

  10. I filed through TT online on 3/18, received a notification of acceptance within the hour. However, about 2 weeks later I got a letter from the IRS saying further review was needed. Now my transcripts show a Code 150 (cycle 20151405, date 4-27-15) above a code 806 (date 4-15-15) and a 570 (date 4-27-15). Any idea what these dates mean?

    • The 4/27/2015 is the worst case scenario date the IRS loves to give out to everyone. (21 days, 30 days, 45 days, 60 days) are the dates most given out at random. If no further information is needed from you your transcript should update any day now – either tomorrow or Tuesday and you should have your refund according to the information you provided no later than 4/27. I would strongly recommend you follow up with the IRS and make sure there was no additional information needed. If you need to – do not hesitate to get an advocate involved. It is a free Service and they are able in some instances to actually get your refund expedited.


      • My as of date changed today to 4/27/15 today. I have to two 570 codes and one 971 code dated March 9th. What does this mean please help been waiting since 1/20/14 cycle date 20150605… Help please .. What does the as of date mean?

        • One of the most under-reported events has occurred this year and the media refuses to cover it. The new Healthcare Credits and forms (1095a and 8962) have caused a lot of delays. Some early filers using software like TurboTax and many others, were not even asked to submit them, then they sent out over 800K incorrect forms and some never received a 1095a at all.

          Here is instructions for checking your 1095A Information: http://blog.tavorro.com/incorrect-1095a-forms-and-premium-tax-credit-faq/

          Other reasons for delay this year include: ID Verify, Education Credit verification, EIC Credit verification and minor submission errors. IT’s hard to say exactly what caused your delay without knowing your full situation. Did you have healthcare credits? If yes, have you checked to see if your 1095A information was correct? Please update us and we will try to provide further assistance.

          One good thing is that your 570 code did update, however, I would check again this Tuesday and see if your transcript updates. I also strongly encourage you to get a Taxpayer advocate involved. If nothing else, it would give you a chance at getting your return expedited through their assistance.

          Please review this document before calling them so you know your rights as a taxpayer! Their service is FREE! http://blog.tavorro.com/taxpayer-advocate-faq/

          • Thank You! I spoke with a its rep stated submitted a referral to expedited my refund. Said that all she can do for now. What happens after this ? Please responed.

  11. I have a code of 846 with 20151404 and an issue date of 04-27-2015 on my transcripts. Its from an amended return which I’m told only comes in the form of a mailed check. When should I receive my refund?

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