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  1. I have a question and I know your site has been awesome and helpful to so many, well my transcript shows my cycle date of 20151305, but it also shows a date of 04/20/2015 next to it with no amounts in the next column, so here is how it actually looks:

    150 Tax Return Filed cycle date 20151305 date: 04/20/2015 amount:$0.00
    806 date: 4-15-2015
    766 date: 4-15-2015
    768 date: 4-15-2015
    810 date: 4-20-2015
    811 date: 4-20-2015
    971 date: 4-20-2015
    846 date: 4-20-2015
    420 date: 4-03-2015

    Now on the line where code 846 is located it does not say the full amount of the refund. I do not know what is going. I am able to see my transcript and I was sent a letter about my 1095-a which was sent immediately the next day, so could you help me and let me know when my refund is and possibly why my 846 code line would not be showing the full amount. Thank you so much with your prompt response and thank you for being so helpful to all of us taxpayers, we really appreciate you.

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