Tax Cycle Code Chart 20150901 thru 20150905 Tavorro Jobs

Tax Transcript Cycle Code 20150901 thru 20150905

FAQ for Tax Transcript Cycle Code 20150901 thru 20150905

We were getting so many questions regarding the Tax Transcript Cycle Codes that we decided to split them up by week. This will make the topics easier for you to read and comment on.

Tax Transcript Cycle Code Chart

Cycle Code






Direct Deposit Date

March 6

March 9

March 10

March 11

March 12


You need to view the following file and check for a cycle code and 846 Refund Issued Code.


Codes to Look For on Your Tax Transcript


To View Information about Tax Transcript Cycle Codes 20150801 thru 20150805 Click Here

To order your transcript click here!

PLEASE NOTE! If you cannot access your Tax Transcript yet, you can estimate your refund date by viewing the Estimated Tax Refund Schedule here!

Tax Resource Links

H&R Block Customer Service (payments team) 1-877-859-7950

TurboTax Customer Service 1-800-414-5644 5:00 AM – 5:00 PM PT (Monday – Friday)

IRS 800-829-1040

Jackson Hewitt 800-234-1040

Jackson Hewitt®smartcard Customer Service at (866) 518-4722

Find Your Local Tax Office

Are You Experiencing a Financial Hardship Due to a Delayed Refund?

If you are experiencing economic harm, believe an IRS system or procedure isn’t working as it should, or are seeking help in resolving tax problems that have not been resolved through normal channels, you may be eligible for Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) assistance. You can reach them at 1-877-777-4778 or TTY/TTD 1-800-829-4059.


If you have questions about Cycle Codes 20150801 thru 20150805 Please leave your questions Here!

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  1. I filed on 1/22. Then was asked (again – it was there /correct the 1st time) for the health insurance form, so I faxed it on 2/13. I just checked for a transcript and there is one – with cycle 20150905. There are several codes, but the last says 846 refund issue 3/23- but it’s only for $180. The amount I expected, and the amount it says at the top of the transcript -$6784 , and by doing the math throughout the transcript is that my refund $6784. Should I expect only $180?

    • Iwantmyrefundnoww

      $180 is what’s going to be debited out of your account. The -6784 is a credit to your account. At least you got tax code 846 which means your refund will be sent. A lot of people are stuck with freeze codes and penalty codes.

  2. I filed on 1/26 and received a letter to identify myself so I did that 2/27 and still having received my refund but when I check my transcript I had cycle code 20150905 with date 3/23 with codes 150 766 768 570 can you please help me to understand what’s going on with refund.

  3. I have a letter 4464 C and I have an 570 and 971 code on my transcript that gives cycle date 20150509. I filed at Turbo Tax on 02/17/2015 and have not had any changes at all to the account it accepted the refund on 02/17/2015 also. Please help me

  4. How can I get help with my refund I have cycle code 20150905 files fen 3 did I’d verification fen 25 and I still have the freeze code on my transcripts why I don’t know.. But it said an amount was suppose to deposited in my account on 4-15-15 but still no 846 code can you please help who should I call?

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