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  1. Mar. 09, 2015
    150 Tax return filed 20150703 03-09-2015 $0.00
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015 -$1,894.00
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2015 -$6,143.00
    846 Refund issued 03-09-2015 $4,037.00

    Refund Received Tavorro Tax Tips

    What does my cycle mean? Still only one bar. Just got transcript this morning

    • Congrats on your 846 Code and Refund Julia!! Glad to hear your got your refund right on time!

      • Hello 🙂 What if I do not receive my refund by cycle deposit date (20151802–May 11)…will I get it by the other date mentioned?

        846 refund issued date 5/25/2015 ????

        • Did you elect to have your refund direct deposited? or are you expecting to receive your refund via mail? Also how did you file? and are your fees for filing being deducted from your return? A number of things can delay the refund a day or two. And, in summary, you should have it well before the 25th. Update us and keep us posted !

        • Did you get your refund already Elsa? My transcript shows refund issued 05-25-2015. I am still waiting on my refund.

          • Luna, have you checked your transcript this week? Did you elect to receive your refund via Direct Deposit? Update us and Keep us posted!

  2. I tried to get my transcript and the webpage said it was unavailable and to contact IRS with a phone number listed- when I contacted IRS they said it is still processing and in review and I need to give them until march 26th to complete the process. I filed January 20th and already received my state taxes but not my federal. The bar stated it had been accepted but now the bar is gone and it only says processing. I have never been thru this before and now i’m panicking because I do have an ex that i’m divorcing who would try anything to get over on me- I cant seem to get any info on what may be the issue. I guess all I can do is wait .

    • Nleigh, Our recommendation to all taxpayers is to wait a week at least past the first filing date or at the very least a few days. There are often bugs, glitches and form issues that do get worked out after a few days usually, but if you are among those initial filers your return can get flagged and/or held up for much longer than most. This year a some taxpayers even received incorrect information on their 1095a’s, which was not their fault, but it has ended up causing some to experience delayed refunds.


  3. good morning

    my taxes were file and accepted feb 18. At first WMR was showing the bar of it being accepted as of date, its showing its still being processed. I looked at my acct transcript and i have 971 notice issued 03/16 and 570 additional account action pending 03/16. i also have a cycle date of 20150805 with date of 03/16 by $0.00 for amount. Is there a hold on my acct? will they mail me something? or will this just work itself out internally?

    • It appears everything is progressing ok with your return. Yes, you will get a letter from the when you have a 570 code but many report their issue being resolved before they even get the letter. Over 70% of the taxpayers reporting in to us got a letter that literally said “We do not need additional information from you at this time”, so hopefully that will be the case with yours as well. We are told by the representatives we spoke with again this morning that they are still pushing to resolve all delays (570 Codes etc..) within 7 days. We have seen some resolve in 1 to 3 days. Keep checking your transcript for it to update with a 846 code. The WMR Site continues to be behind in updating. We had another batch of taxpayers report in throughout last week that they received their refund prior to the WMR Site updating with “Refund Sent”.

      • hi I tired getting my transcripts online but it said it could not give me my transcript to call the fraud department. does that mean there was fraud???We cannot process your transcript request. Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490.

      • Cher if your account transcript does not update by tomorrow, please let us know. I will reach out to our reps to see if they can assist you further in escalating your case.

      • I had so much faith that my transcripts would be updated this morning but they didn’t.

      • Cher – Business and Specialty Line Telephone Number 800-829-4933 Hours M-F 7:00am – 10:00pm
        There is a priority number that your tax preparer can call also – Practitioner Priority Hotline Telephone 866-860-4259 Hours M-F 7:00am – 7:00pm.

        If your employer calls that number above they should be able to get a direct Fax number for the person they speak with and then you can fax the form directly to them while your employer holds on the line – The other option you have is you could file this form with the IRS –
        Your employer is supposed to have to respond to the IRS within 10 days.

        If your attempts to have the incorrect Form W-2 (.pdf), Wage and Tax Statement, corrected by your employer are unsuccessful and it is after February 14, you can request that an IRS representative initiate a Form W-2 complaint. You may call the IRS toll free at 800-829-1040 or visit an IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC) in person.

        The IRS will send your employer a letter requesting that they furnish you a corrected Form W-2 within ten days. The letter advises your employer of their responsibilities to provide a correct Form W-2 and of the penalties for failure to do so.

        The IRS will send you a letter with instructions and Form 4852 (.pdf), Substitute for Form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement, or Form 1099-R, Distributions from Pensions, Annuities, Retirement or Profit-Sharing Plans, IRAs, Insurance Contracts, etc. You can use the Form 4852 in the event that your employer does not provide you with the corrected Form W-2 in time to file your tax return.

        Depending on the time of year, the IRS may have federal wage information in the form of a wage transcript.

        When you call the IRS or visit a TAC office, please have the following information available:

        Your employer’s name and complete address including ZIP code, employer identification number if known (see prior year’s Form W-2 if you worked for the same employer) and telephone number,

        Your name, address including ZIP code, Social Security number, and telephone number, and

        An estimate of the wages you earned, federal income tax withheld, and the period you worked for that employer. You should base the estimate on year-to-date information from your final pay stub or leave-and-earnings statement, if possible.

        If you receive a corrected Form W-2 after you filed your return and it does not agree with the income or withheld tax you reported on your return, file an amended return on Form 1040X Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return.

        Here is the link to the form you need if you choose to go that route – http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f4852.pdf

  4. I filed on 1/22 received on the 23rd. I am and have been under review since feb 17th according to the irs representative that i spoke with. She was unable to tell me anything else. I have not been sent a letter asking for more info, nor does it have a code on the wmr site. I can not access my transcripts. can you give me any info at all to what i may be facing?

  5. I am really frustrated with this delay! I have never had this sort of thing happen to me. . . & I do not know what to think, or what to do. Can you please help me?

    Transcripts are available and read as follows…

    Account balance $-7,931.00 AS OF Mar. 09, 2015 (changed from Mar 02 two weeks ago)
    Accrued Interest: 0.00
    Accrued Penalty 0.00

    Account Balance plus Accruals
    (this is not a payoff amt): $-7,931.00

    20150602 03-02-2015 $0.00
    150 Tax return filed

    806 w-2 or 1099 withoholding 04-15-2015 $-1,466.00

    766 credit to your acct 04-15-2015 $-1,279.00

    768 Earned Income Credit 04-15-2015 $-5,186.00

    570 Additional acct action pending 03-02-2015 $0.00

    570 Additional acct action pending 03-09-2015 $0.00

    Last yr my wages were the exact same as this yr.
    Transcripts are identical except for the following…..
    Cycle date 20150601

    My address is different.

    Last year on my TAX RETURN TRANSCRIPTS )not the acct Transcript the line that says EXEMPTION AMT PER COMPUTER READS $15,600.00. This year it reads $15,800.00

    Last year there is not a form 8965 category (I am unsure of what this is)


    What is this section? Insurance? My children had Medicaid. I have not had insurance…the entire yr. I believe the childrens cancelled in November due to not completing a review on time…(forgot) But the rest of the yr they had insurance. I have not in a longggg time.

    Received a letter 4464 dated for 1/28/2015 stating I was under review…blah blah blah….but nothing was needed from me. I have called them and I waited on hold for two hrs to hear that I would need to wait out 60 days from the 1/28/2015 date. I have not gotten anything else from them. My transcripts have not updated in two weeks… both times it did it was a Thursday after midnight update. I was hoping for one last night but nothing!! But atleast not another 570. I never have had the 971 notice code. ?? I also called Turbo tax as I saw it on your blog that we could get with the tax preparer to get info on why there is 570. The first person i spoke to was very nice, and actually was reading notes in her computer from the IRS to herself…and according to her what ever this may mean everything looks great..she said it was all GREEN on her screen..? She did say the IRS had informed them something about there was an error and it would be corrected by 1/28 but nothing! She said it said some kind of issue with my 1040 (she said it said 2 or more dependants issue) I have three children, claim them every yr. and there socials are correctly inputted, the only thing I am thinking is that I did say they had insurance the entire yr and it was cancelled in Oct or November….but at the time I was unaware it was cancelled. I have reapplied and waiting Medicaids approval. After speaking to the woman at Turbo tax she sent me to the verification dept at Turbo tax to make sure everything was correctly inputted as far as socials…and this man was telling me completely different! He acted like Turbo tax did not know why there was a hold and that they would not know. That they were not updated from the IRS… and that I would just have to wait and see what happens. Now I know this woman was not just pulling this information out of the sky and telling me there was a hold regarding something to do with dependants… & that the hold should have been lifted as far as she thought bec of the note from the IRS ????????? Please advise

    Refund Received Tavorro Tax Tips

  6. Hi. Blessings to all! If my transcript updated on last Thursday to code 846 with cycle 20151005 and a date 3/30/2015….. What does that actually mean? Is the refund on the way or in the process of being on the way? This is following an I.S. form might I add… And I requested DD. Will it still DD or a paper check? If so when will I receive the paper check?

    • Yes congrats on the 846 Code!!! What would make you think it’s being changed to paper check. From the information you have provided us, it appears it will still be a direct deposit. Keep us updated and let us know if you received your refund.

  7. Tavorro Hi we spoke once or twice before they finally updated my transcript its been a very long wait for me almost three months or longer but my transcript has these codes now 150, 766 768 846 841 290 846 refund issued date 04/13/2015 when I check wmr it says your refund is being processed so when should I expect my refund its going direct deposit cycle code 20150505

  8. What if my transcript shows nothing for 2014

  9. 20150901 cycle date..codes 150 806 766 768 570..dates are 3-23-15 and april 15-1015????

    • No update today,,per the cycle chart I should of had mine on march 6th..20150901 and still nothing

      • Cher here is one other number I might would try – For questions about completing tax forms, please call the IRS tax form assistance line at 1-800-TAX-FORM (1-800-829-3676). The important thing is (to avoid further delays with your return is to find out if you are going to have to file an amended return. Do you have in your possession a correct w2 now? Also, was the error on your w2 in your favor or the Irs’s favor? Was it a significant error or just a few dollars off?

    • Cher you got a 570 Code which means they need to verify, correct, or update some information on your return. Every individual’s return is different, so the code can mean different things depending on the taxpayer. We recommend you do the following things:

      1. Check your return for errors or omissions – see more info here:


      2. Check to make sure your 1095A information is correct – Some taxpayers received incorrect 1095a’s!


      Additional Reasons Your Return May be Delayed!

      1. Education credits or healthcare credits that needed verification.

      2. EIC Verification

      3. ID Verify

      Typically the 570/971 code resolves itself without needing additional information from you. You should call the IRS just to make sure you do not need to do the ID Verify Process.

      Please keep us updated and let us know if you need anything else.

  10. I reviewed my transcript and it gave me a cycle code of 20151205 codes 150 768 and 846 refund sent. I have a DDD of April 1, 2015 but no deposit in my account . Is there are certain the money is put in account? Its a prepaid card

    • Congrats Lisa on your 846 Code and DDD Date! Who did you file with? Is the refund to be direct deposited to your bank account? or reloadable debit card? Also were your fees coming out of the refund or did you pay your fees up front?

  11. I have no 846 code. But I have a cyclear code of 20151205. What does that mean? Tia!

  12. The only codes I hAve are 150, 766, and 768.

  13. I called the IRS. They received one of my w2’s so far and waiting on the other to verify the information is correct. Told me to call back April 26th. This isn’t fair that I can’t just fax them or they can’t get them from Turbo tax. I had then exported into turbo tax!!!

    • Cher, You can fax them your W2. I will get you the correct fax # to send it in.

      • Ok Great. They told me it had to come from the employer.

      • Please help me I’ve filed on feb 3 and had to do ID verify. I’ve called multiple times and been told everything is up to date but I still have the freeze code when I called a week ago the lady said she put in a request for them to communicate with me but still nothing can you please help I thought I would get it yesterday but still nothing and every time I call today of course I can’t get through the codes I have are 766 768 570 with a 3-23-15 date beside it please help me I’ve asked for help on here before with no response hopefully you guys are free today to help me thank you so much in advance

        • You fall into two categories which entitles you FREE HELP from the Tax Advocates Office – See Criteria here – http://blog.tavorro.com/taxpayer-advocate-faq/

          Do you have an actual advocate assigned to you yet? If not, I would strongly suggest you get an advocate assigned to you. You definitely fall into this category:
          Systemic Burden – Systemic burden cases are those in which an IRS process, system, or procedure has failed to operate as intended, and as a result the IRS has failed to timely respond to or resolve a taxpayer issue.

          Criteria 5: The taxpayer has experienced a delay of more than 30 days to resolve a tax account problem.
          Criteria 6: The taxpayer has not received a response or resolution to the problem or inquiry by the date promised.

          Your return has taken longer than average to process and repeated deadline dates have been missed. Getting an advocate involved is your best chance of getting your refund manually expedited.

  14. I talked to the IRS again today. They told me I have to amend my taxes. I asked why no one ever told me this and his response was I go above and beyond. Why did they request verification from my employers then? He also said If I didn’t file an amendment then the IRS will keep going with wait 45 more days. I don’t know which IRS rep to listen too!!!

    • When you say you talked to the IRS? Did you talk to your advocate? or the IRS? How did you file Cher? Did you use online software or actually go into a local tax preparers office?

      • The IRS,I used turbo tax. I called again today and the lady verified my withholding and said she would send it to the department that does the reviews but said maybe another 30 days. I have my w2’s why cant they let me fax them . I am in desperate need of my money.

        • I don’t know who you work for and if they have a corporate office or third party vendor that does the w-2 verification. I would reach out to whoever you can at your office or their vendor and have them fax in your W-2’s or even call TurboTax since you paid them a fee to file through them and see if they can help with this. I know it can be time consuming, but the sooner you get the info in to them, the sooner you can get your refund processed. Also, if you are experiencing a hardship, they should have it to you within days if you get this information turned in to them. They give out worst case scenario dates to everyone to lower your expectations re: their processing times.

  15. Just be sure that you have ruled out ALL Issues. Often we have seen one issue get resolved, only to have another pop up and cause another delay. It is a pain calling, I know, but do it, and make sure that once they receive the information from you that your account gets updated correctly.

    • Can you get me a fax number?

      • Whenever possible, when you are ready, to fax any information to the IRS or your tax advocate…. you should stay on the phone with the person whom you are faxing the information to so that you can verify they received the information. Was Your W2 Correct? Did it have any errors? If it DID NOT HAVE ERRORS and YOU ARE IN TEXAS – USE THE INFORMATION BELOW:

        Are you in Texas? If so the Fax # is (855) 214-7522 – this is the # that your employer should use to fax in your W2. Always include a cover letter with a callback telephone number and email whenever possible.

        Remember if you got a letter, there may be a specific department that you need to send a fax to rather than the number listed above.

        If there were errors and your employer has not received a letter from the IRS You may need to use the following form to submit the correct W2 Information – http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f4852.pdf

  16. yes errors on amount witheld

  17. Ohio….is my state

  18. Have you been able to get a fax number. I work for a huge corporation and they have no idea where the IRS sent the request for documentation, my other job prior to this sent it in and that was the problem but hopefully when I spoke to them they fixed the error, the TAS were of no help at all

  19. Could you send me the fax number again please?

  20. filed my taxes on 2/7/14 and still have not received my refund. Finally got my transcript with a cycle 20150805 03/16/2015. Codes 150,806,768,570,971,570. I have received 2 letters one telling it could take 60 days and the last letter telling me they should be finished by May 7. Any hope in getting my refund sooner.

  21. Help please decode a 846 with direct deposit and cycle code of 20151503

  22. I was accepted on 02/09/2015 got a letter to verify id, successfully verified on 02/20/2015, called in they say I’m still processing. My transcripts still show 150,806,768,570 with cycle 20151305. Wmr bars have been gone for weeks. Please if you can enlighten me tavorro.

    • Everything you have described is normal for taxpayers that were asked to ID Verify. My one suggestion would be to call and DOUBLE CHECK that your ID Verify successfully posted to your account. We have heard of instances where people had to ID Verify twice. Your bars being gone is normal and a great sign. If you are experiencing a hardship due to this delay or your timelines have expired – which yours have – you are entitled to the assistance of a free tax advocate. In most instances they are able to help manually expedite your return. READ THIS ARTICLE before you call so you know your rights!!! and know what to say! http://blog.tavorro.com/taxpayer-advocate-faq/ Also you can view your taxpayer bill of rights here: http://blog.tavorro.com/taxpayer-bill-of-rights-fact-sheet/

      Even if you are not experiencing a hardship you fall into this category, from what you have told us:

      Criteria 5: The taxpayer has experienced a delay of more than 30 days to resolve a tax account problem.
      Criteria 6: The taxpayer has not received a response or resolution to the problem or inquiry by the date promised.

  23. Please help me. I was accepted on 4/9/15. On the 4/16 I called in to ask what my hold up is since because of past years of being reviewed I can notice that if I don’t move to 2nd bar within 1 week Im being harassed with another review. So I called in and was told that my return has been resequenced on 4/13. And the agent said it only takes 4-5 days for actual processing times however he cant see my tax return which is bizzare he stated all he can see is my resequenced date. I asked him to order my tax transcripts for me since for some reason online states that my login info is not recognized and is an error and so I used my PC to issue new login info but as soon as I completed creating new acct the same old msg appeared error info not recognized, so I used my cell and finally logged in with my new acct info. I was able at first on 4/16 to have agent send me my wages and income transcript which was only thing that was available. Then yesterday on 17th I was able to order by mail my acct transcript. But however I go online with my cell click on 2014 under acct transcript and my page is blank when it becomes opened as all of my past year acct transcripts online appear to be blank too. This is puzzling me so badly as to why my past year acct transcripts along with 2014 one are all blank; does this mean im being audited on all past years and that’s why I cant review them online? I mean I can order all of my acct transcripts by mail just they are blank online. Now the agent told me to only call back in if I don’t get refund by May 01, 04, or 6th. I been having hardships bc my electricity bill is sky high I need to place quite a chunk onto it to enroll into bill payment plan. I received my NY state tax return on 16th.

    This is the following info on my 2014 tax return: Schedule C earnings under $9,000 , 1 dependent whom I claim every year, W2, SSA 1099, Unemployment, and the deductions I took was for paying my dr fees $1440 in cash, medicare premiums $1259, pharmacy $43 total of $2742 which did NOT give me any money back in my refund bc I checked to see if it did and it didn’t raise my refund or adjustments at all therefore it just looked like numbers that meant nada to my return, and I claimed for my self employment only deductions for advertising of $200 + Supplies $296 = deduction for my bizz of $496. My EIC I applied for had stated credit but bc I was taxed between unemployment, my business tax, and something else it cost me $1200 to be taken out of the EIC. There was no college tuition forms, house buyer etc forms just simple crap. I did my own taxes online threw HRBlock home software using Deluxe+state software choice. I paid my taxes upfront since I didn’t want to pay extra $35 just to have HRB get pd for deducting from my refund. No wheres did it specify even as to why or how I owed $1200 in taxes to the IRS. I quite frankly feel that its unfair since it had first said $600 I owed for my self employment, unemployment read @1st non taxed, and I know I paid in enough taxes from working on the books receiving an W2, plus SSA 1099 was not taxable. Now Im as confused because I didn’t pay in quarterly wages but however my AGI was like a bit over $13grand after supporting my dependent, myself, my bizz expenses, and I began working with receiving SSD simply bc SSD is not enough to support us. I had no choice but to find an job that I cld manage to work and that category fell under babysitting and pet sitting, so I started up my own bizz and bc I didn’t have employees I didn’t apply for an EIN. However the agent said no reason was shown for why a review but did mention that maybe it was chosen to just make sure that my reported self employment wages were accurate to make sure that I could had made near 9grand being self employed or bc I had SSA 1099 they wanted to make sure that I didnt over make more than whats allowed by SSD to be made. In which it isn’t bc Im on the ticket to work program and Im allowed to earn $1,020 a month being on SSD and being self employed I didn’t even bring home $750 a month so I was way under.

    I was just hoping that my case needed review to see that HRBlock over charged me on the amt of taxes that I owed to the IRS. I hope they saw that I only owe $600 and added the other $600 back into my refund that would help me greatly. Could it be that I was chosen for review just to make sure I was taxed enough aka paying the IRS enough taxes, or that I could be reviewed bc they saw I was over charged in taxes aka charged too much to pay IRS? Im sick of being harassed every year when in fact every year had been minor glitches aka nothing wrong with my tax returns at all just a way to delay me always. I have not and never had received any notice from IRS to even notify me of being placed under an review they just immediately choose me unknown to me when I submit my tax returns it seems.

    So blank acct script online for reading it but able to be mailed to me means what? Also I thought the return transcript is the one ppl have to wait on since that one isn’t issued until your finally done being processed? I read acct transcript shows any adjustments/changes that IRS or an tax payer makes on their returns. Therefore I just thought when I cld order my acct transcript it meant the review had finished simply bc all changes had been made to my return if any at all were due to be made and with thus said my return was sent bk to processing and that I cant get return transcript now until im done with processing?

  24. So based on what you noted on here: when your acct transcript can be ordered it means your done being processed? I read it means that if your acct transcript is ready all it provides is proof that all changes if any needed to be made are completed so if you were under review your no longer bc the agent placed you bk into processing once they finished reviewing you? And I read that the acct transcript could indicate your processing has completed since it does state an refund date and your return transcript is on hold just because your return is sitting in a pile waiting its turn in line to come threw the wmr system to update, and most times acct transcript is usually only available to be ordered same day as return transcript? However that doesn’t apply in my case since my return transcript still says n/a.

  25. Hi. Do you know how Prior Years Tax refunds work, I mailed mine in for 2011 and it was recd 3/5/2015 signed for, so I am wondering about how long the refund will take, and I entered my DD information, will it go DD or will a paper check be mailed, checked transcripts and the account transcript no info just a few 0 there but the date shows account balance 0 as of 5/11/2015? and also shows head of household of which I am. I would really appreciate help here because I need this refund real bad. Thank you

  26. oh and this just updated to that on Monday 04/20/2015 prior to that it was na in the account transcript. ty

  27. Tavorro..
    I have the Following Codes and Dates .
    *150 Tax return filed
    02-16-2015 $590.00

    *806 W-2 or 1099
    04-15-2015 -$54.00

    *766 Credit to account
    04-15-2015 -$1,904.00

    *768 EiC
    04-15-2015 -$5,460.00

    *846 Refund issued
    02-16-2015 $6,828.00

    *898 Refund applied to non-IRS debt:
    02-16-2015 $0.00 $6,828.00

    *971 Injured spouse claim received
    04-03-2015 $0.00

    My cycle Code was 20150402
    But at the top itnow says May 4th , 2015 ..

    I have no clue what now after they recieved the IS form? I filed 1/20! Please help me understand whats going on.. Thanks

  28. I got codes 290 additional tax assessed and cycle code 201505 on 4-20-15 as well as 896 & 892. I’m confused because that cycle code was for 4-9-15? No 846. Filed IS. What does that all mean?

  29. I give up. I waited 60 days. Then 30 days and then 30 more days. They have everything they need and yesterday I am told wait till may 16 and If I dont have it by then to call back. I called a TAS and they’re of no help.

    • Cher – Please read this and print it out so when you call the Taxpayer Advocate back you can have this information handy! From everything you have told us you qualify for their immediate help and even expedited processing. Please read this – so you will know what to say to them when you call!

      Read CRITERIA 1 through 7! It sounds like you qualify under all 7.


      There is ZERO Reason you should not have received help by now. Do you have a contact name and ID of the person you have been speaking with at the IRS?

  30. I have a refund issued 5-11-2015
    Does this mean they will issue my refund on that date or I will receive by that date … My cycle code is 20151605

  31. First on the wheres my refund it says under review with a code of 1242 and a phone number
    On the transcipt it says Cycle 20151605 5-11-15 amount 358.00
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 -1,234.00
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015 -1,239.00
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2015 -977.00
    810 Refund freeze 05-11-2015 0.00
    811 Refund released 05-11-2015 0.00
    846 Refund issued 05-11-2015 XXXXXXXX
    What does all this mean and I was processed on 01-31-2015 The amount I was suppose to get back was 3,092.00 what does all this mean?? Thank You

    • Rick an 846 Code is perfect!! That means that you will have your refund on or before April 30th. Do not depend on the WMR Site to update – many have reported this year that the WMR Site has not updated until a few days after they receive their refund. See Article here for details http://blog.tavorro.com/tax-transcript-cycle-code-20151601-thru-20151605-faq/

      Please update us once your refund is received so we can mark it received! Congrats again! #asktavorro

      • Was accepted bt irs on 1/15/2015 did a ID verified 02/15/2015 was told my ID was approved on 3/4/2015 and had to wait 60 days from 3/4/15 that will be 5/4/2015.
        I have been able to see my transcripts for over a month now. Still no 846 code Why am I ale to see my transcripts?
        150 03/09/2015 $ 1009.00

        806 04/15/2015 -$ xxxx.xx

        766 04/15/2015 -$ xxxx.xx

        766 04/15/2015 -$ xxxx.xx

        768 04/15/2015 -$ xxxx.xx

        570 03/09/20150 -$0.00

        • Duece,

          I encourage you to please get an advocate involved. You would be surprise how much they can help. You don’t have to “have a hardship” to get them involved when processing has gone on as long as it has with your return. See Other Criteria Below:

          Systemic Burden – Systemic burden cases are those in which an IRS process, system, or procedure has failed to operate as intended, and as a result the IRS has failed to timely respond to or resolve a taxpayer issue.

          Criteria 5: The taxpayer has experienced a delay of more than 30 days to resolve a tax account problem.

          Criteria 6: The taxpayer has not received a response or resolution to the problem or inquiry by the date promised.

          Criteria 7: A system or procedure has either failed to operate as intended, or failed to resolve the taxpayer’s problem or dispute within the IRS.

          Best Interest of the Taxpayer. TAS acceptance of these cases will help ensure that taxpayers receive fair and equitable treatment and that their rights as taxpayers are protected.

          Criteria 8: The manner in which the tax laws are being administered raises considerations of equity, or has impaired or will impair the taxpayer’s rights.

          You can reach them here: http://blog.tavorro.com/taxpayer-advocate-faq/

  32. I finally have TAS. My IRS Lady is Mrs. HENRY. TAS is supposed to call me by April 29th. All my transcripts have been updated with the correct withholding. The IRS told me they faxed my return over to the processing center on April 14th. Then say call if I don’t have it by may 16th but hopefully the TAS will get it faster.

  33. I have 150 570 806 codes with a cycle date 20151705
    super confused and frustrated I did my i.d verify
    no code 846 yet but I haven’t gotten a letter at all in mail they said my account was closed as of april 22 so now im confused

    • Hi Troy,

      First of all who said your “account was closed”? Second, Did you call back and make sure your ID Verify went through and successfully posted as completed to your account? Third, When did you file and who did you file with? Please update and keep us posted.

  34. Did an ammendment on account transcript its shows 971 notice issued 0.000 then right after 846 refund issued 5-11-2015 what does this mean

    • Hi Marie, That means there was some minor change or adjustment that needed to be made or even corrected on your return and that your refund was approved and issued. What is your cycle code? The 5/11/2015 is their worst case scenario date! Update and keep us posted. Congrats on your refund approval code 846!

  35. It’s May 5th and their May 7th complete by date is 2 days away; yet my transcript hasn’t changed in a month. Really getting frustrated

  36. Good morning,

    My taxes were filed and accepted of January 20, 2015. As of today, my refund still have not been issued. I have not received any letter or anything from the IRS. According to my transcript, additional account action pending with a 03-09-2015 date is the last thing done. That has been on there since February. The few times that I have contacted them and spoken to a representative they have all told me the return in being processed and give them another week. What should i do at this point?

    • Clarence, it sounds like you fell into that early filers pool that got flagged and subsequently delayed. If they have not asked you to ID Verify or for any other information you would definitely qualify for FREE Taxpayer assistance at this point because of the extended unnecessary delays. See criteria and contact information here: http://blog.tavorro.com/taxpayer-advocate-faq/ I would definitely GET A TAXPAYER ADVOCATE INVOLVED. It should NEVER take this long to process your return.

  37. I had some setbacks on my taxes and the latest one I had to verify my identity. I did that last week and she stated she was going to release my taxes. I got on my transcripts this morning and it had 20151805 then the code 290 and 0$ next to it and dated 05-25-2015. what does all that mean?

    • Hi Amanda, based on the information you provided, it looks as though your return is still processing. I would check again tomorrow morning and see if they update further. If not check back on Tuesday. I would expect your refund with 7 to 10 days from the time they told you they would release them. Keep us posted.

  38. Finally got TAS. I have an advocate assigned to my case. He says that no one at the IRS is working on my return. Say it could take another 30 days .

    • Kyle, Congrats on getting a TAS! One question we have is: Did they say why no one was working on your return??? Were you just in some never ending loop cycle of unassigned returns? The 30 days is what they tell people – they usually say 21 to 30 days so that you will not call them every day. However, don’t forget because of the delays you qualify for an expedited return so I would give it a few days and then call your advocate back and see if they can help expedite your return for you! Keep us posted!

      • They didn’t say why. My advocate said he doesn’t understand why. He checked my return and it just needs to be signed off on.

        • Hi Kyle, So sorry that happened to you. The good news is that you do have an advocate now. It usually only takes a few days for them to do what they need to do to get your return processed, especially when they do not need any additional information from you. Again, the 30 day time frame they gave you is just what they say so that you aren’t calling every day. I would give it till tomorrow and check your transcript again to see if it updated and then if it hasn’t just check back with your advocate to see if he can clarify the situation further for you. Keep us posted.

  39. i filed my taxes on jan 29,2015 and i still have nothing i looked up my transcripts and it says cycle date 20151805 then next to it it says 5-25-2015 can you please help me i dont understand whats going on and why its taking so long

  40. Thanks . Will keep you posted

  41. FILLED ON 4/15/15
    846 REFUND ISSUED DATE IS 05/25/2015 FOR $1640.67
    BUT CYCLE DATE IS 20151605…..

  42. I received the following codes after filling out my Injured spouse form about 2 months ago.

    These are my codes now:

    971 Injured spouse claim received 03-17-2015 $0.00

    766 Reversal of refund applied to non-Irs debt 04-15-2015 -$5,686.70

    290 Additional tax assessed 20151805 05-25-2015 $0.00

    971 Notice Issued 05-25-2015 $0.00

    I received the notice and it stated that the money would come in my name only. I did it as a direct deposit.
    Do you know when I should get it? I don’t have a 846 code but I do have a cycle date of 20151805.

  43. We’ve e-filed our taxes on April 30th. We just really need our Transcripts for a loan. In our case, there is no refund, we actually own money and had to setup a payment plan. We personally went to local IRS, gave them a down payment setup a payment plan and later on the same day we e-filed. When should our transcripts be available? We needed before the 22nd or we will not able to get the loan … =(

    • Donna, you should be able to get a transcript literally any day now. Have you checked today? If not, do so and if it is still not there why don’t you reach out to a taxpayer advocate and explain what you need….. I am sure someone there can help you ! You can reach an advocate here: http://blog.tavorro.com/taxpayer-advocate-faq/ Also, you were smart to go into the IRS personally and work things out. They usually are very helpful at the local offices.

      Keep us posted !

  44. Unbelievable ! My advocate is on vacation until next week.

  45. I still have the same code the 290 cycle date of 20151805 and 05/25/2015 and 0$ next to it. I verified my identity the last week of April. She said it could take up to 6 wks and she was releasing them. does the 290 code mean its getting close? Its been 4 weeks already. I really need my money I have a daughter graduating high school this weekend and a big bill that needs paid.

  46. Hello, I could not be more disapointed in the IRS this year. I have never had issues in the past, but have lost track this year. I e-filed on 3/6/15. I kept checking the status and it just kept saying in process. I’ve tried to request transcripts with no luck. After weeks or trying to get a hold of them on the phone they said there was an error on the return and needed more information. We recieved letter 12C in late March stating they needed a copy of form 1095A pertaining to the affordable care act. That is when I relaized that I had filled out the original return incorrectly. I called IRS again and told them I did not have 1095A form and that I had private insurance & not isnurance through the marketplace. I was told to submit an amended return. I submitted the emended return and they recieved it on 3/30/15. I spoke to them again today 6/17/15 and was told that they tried to process the amended return but could not because the original return had not been processed yet. So they sent the original retrun back to God knows where. I was then told today that the original return was sent in for resequencing on 6/15/15 and that I need to allow the IRS 6-8 weeks to process the original return and then after that 16 weeks to process the amended return. This puts my refund receipt date into DECEMBER. Does this sound right to you?? I really, really need help with this as we really need this refund. Thanks in advance!

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