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Millennial Physicians Bring New Expectations to Relationships With Patients, Peers and Pharma

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National Survey Reveals Four out of Five Gen Y Doctors Believe Millennial Patients Require a Different Relationship with Their Doctors than Older Patients Millennial physicians defined as 26 to 36 year old general practitioners are redefining the patient-physician relationship. According to a new report released today from inVentiv Health agencies, GSW, inVentiv Health PR Group and PALIO, 66 percent of millennial doctors change their approach according to the age of the patient they’re seeing. This includes being more likely to ask millennial patients to do additional research on their own, and simplifying explanations for non-millennial patients.

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New Report Looks at the 25 Best Jobs for Millennials


Today, Young Invincibles released a new report, “The Best Jobs for Millennials,” highlighting careers that set up young adults for economic security. To develop the ranking, Young Invincibles analyzed 400 occupations considering three key criteria: their median salaries, projected future growth, and percent of positions held by Millennials. Millennials are facing a harsher economic landscape than older generations, including an unemployment rate more than 40 percent higher than the national average and median wages that have dropped 10 percent in the last decade. Economic security is a top priority for Millennials, and they need more information about what kinds of jobs lead to better wages, stable employment, and what kinds of education and training is necessary for these occupations.

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Millennial Employees Crave Recognition, Employer Reward Programs Miss the Mark


New employee research from Blackhawk Engagement Solutions reveals that current employee rewards and recognition programs—a key component in growing employee happiness—are not aligned with what makes Millennial employees happy and more productive. “Millennials are accustomed to attention and praise from their earliest days, and expect regular affirmation in the workplace. They are also prepared to switch jobs earlier and more frequently than previous generations, so employers need to take particular steps to maintain Millennial engagement,” said Rodney Mason, GVP of Marketing with Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, an international incentives and engagement company. “All-expense-paid trips and tickets to sporting events have little appeal for Millennials. Instead, they want more immediate and consistent recognition for their professional contributions and love the immediate gratification of prepaid card rewards.”

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Survey Says Aflac is a Great Place to Work for Millennials

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Great Place to Work and FORTUNE Magazine’s Newest List Finds Aflac Among Top 100 Companies for Millennials Aflac, the leading provider of voluntary insurance at the work site in the United States and one of FORTUNE’s 2014 Blue Ribbon companies, announced today that Great Place to Work® and Fortune have recognized Aflac as one of the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials in the country. This inaugural ranking comes from an anonymous survey of millennial employees administered by the workplace culture experts at Great Place to Work®. According to FORTUNE, in just 10 years, millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce.

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Millennials Outnumber Baby Boomers and Are Far More Diverse


Millennials, or America’s youth born between 1982 and 2000, now number 83.1 million and represent more than one quarter of the nation’s population. Their size exceeds that of the 75.4 million baby boomers, according to new U.S. Census Bureau estimates released today. Overall, millennials are more diverse than the generations that preceded them, with 44.2 percent being part of a minority race or ethnic group (that is, a group other than non-Hispanic, single-race white).

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Millennials Flocking to Hot Data Science Field

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Data Scientists Moving More Mainstream As Corporations Adopt Data-Driven Business Strategies. Elite data scientists, increasingly in demand from  U.S. leading corporations, are riding high on the Big Data movement, with top-level managers seeing an eight percent increase in base salary over last year and median bonuses topping $56,000. Data scientists can score 16 percent increases in their median base salary when changing jobs.

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