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Average Starting Salaries For Legal Jobs Projected To Rise 3.6 Percent In 2017

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Starting salaries for legal professionals in the United States are expected to increase 3.6 percent overall in 2017, according to the just-released 2017 Robert Half Legal Salary Guide. Lawyers with four to nine years of professional experience at small-to-midsize law firms and first-year associates at large law firms should see greater-than-average salary gains. Among legal specialists, litigation support/eDiscovery directors are expected to see the most significant gains in annual base compensation.

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Tech Challenges, Need for Specialized Expertise are Redefining Practice Of Law

Law Practice Survey Tavorro Jobs

Technological innovations and the movement toward specialization are two of the key drivers of change in the legal field today, according to Future Law Office 2020: Redefining the Practice of Law, a new report from legal staffing and consulting solutions firm Robert Half Legal. Three in 10 (34 percent) lawyers surveyed for the annual research project said emerging technologies will have the biggest impact on the practice of law during the next five years. Corporate governance regulations ranked second, with 19 percent of the survey response, followed by privacy and data security concerns (18 percent) and increased globalization (12 percent).[1]

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One Third of Lawyers Expect to Increase Hiring of Entry Level Associates


The job market for newly minted associates is showing signs of improvement. Nearly one-third (32 percent) of lawyers recently interviewed for a Robert Half Legal survey said their law firm or company plans to increase its hiring of entry-level associates in the next 12 months. Five percent of lawyers said they expect to decrease hiring while 60 percent anticipate no change in hiring activity.

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Sample Legal Job Interview Questions

Sample Interview Questions For Legal

Potential Legal Job Interview Questions Listed below are a few sample interview questions for you to practice answering before you interview for any legal jobs. We recommend researching the employers you are interviewing with and creating a fact sheet on each of them that you can study and review.  We also recommend writing each question down on an index card and then have a practice buddy ask you the questions several times in random order.  If possible, practice multiple times over a few days, so that you can answer any of the questions below with ease. 

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