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The Costliest Part of a Bad Hire Isn’t What You Think

Hire Smart Cost of Bad Hire Infographic Tavorro Robert Half

CFOs Say Lower Staff Morale and Productivity Are the Biggest Pitfalls of Poor Hiring Decisions As expensive as it is to replace a bad hire, the money isn’t what concerns employers most. In a Robert Half survey, chief financial officers (CFOs) said the single greatest impact of a poor hiring decision is lower staff morale (39 percent), followed closely by lost productivity (34 percent). Monetary costs came in third, garnering 25 percent of the response.

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Restaurants Offers Valuable Skills and Experience Leading to Career Advancement

cafe workers Tavorro Careers

According to a new infographic released today by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF), nine out of 10 restaurant employees 35 or older have moved to higher-paying positions in the industry after their first job.  Additionally, after their first paying job, 71 percent of employees age 18 to 24 also landed a more lucrative position in either a cross-industry segment or another role such as restaurant manager, business operations or cook.

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