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Public Education Critical To Preventing Measles, Mumps And Other Disease Outbreaks

In the wake of recent measles, mumps and chickenpox outbreaks, the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) urges the public to become familiar with the hallmark signs of these classic diseases. Osteopathic pediatrician Stanley E. Grogg, DO, professor emeritus of pediatrics at Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, developed a simple reference to help patients quickly recognize the hallmark symptoms of outbreak illnesses.  Those with symptoms of these illnesses are strongly urged to isolate themselves until they are evaluated by a physician.

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What A Messy Desk Says About You

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Two in Three HR Managers OK With Employees Having Disorganized Workspaces Having a cluttered desk may not be a bad thing, a new survey from OfficeTeam suggests. More than two-thirds (68 percent) of human resources (HR) managers interviewed felt it’s at least somewhat acceptable to have a messy desk at work. In fact, 9 percent even said it’s a sign of a creative person. However, nearly one-third (32 percent) stated they would question an employee’s organizational skills and effectiveness if that person had an unkempt workspace.

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The Next Corporate Data Breach May Be In Your Trash Can

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Survey Reveals a Quarter of U.S. Employees Have Left Sensitive Business Information Vulnerable According to a survey commissioned by Swingline®, the iconic office product brand, there is a false sense of security in the workplace when it comes to information security.  Even in the digital world, businesses regularly rely on physical documents. The survey revealed that while employees agree that shredding documents is important to protect confidential information, a surprising number fail to take that simple step. 

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Why Good Employees Quit

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Money, as the saying goes, makes the world go round. But it also may be what keeps professionals in place. According to research from Robert Half, chief financial officers (CFOs) said the top reason good employees quit is inadequate salary and benefits. Workers interviewed echoed this sentiment, most commonly citing poor compensation as the primary reason they would leave their jobs. The two surveys were developed by Robert Half, the world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm, and conducted by independent research firms. The CFO survey is based on interviews with more than 2,100 CFOs from a random sample of companies in more than 20 of the largest U.S. markets. The survey of workers includes responses from nearly 300 employees 18 years of age and older who work in an office environment in the United States. CFOs were asked, “Which one of the following is most likely to cause good employees to quit their jobs?” Similarly, workers were asked, “Which one of the following is most likely to cause you to quit your job?” Their responses: CFOs Employees Inadequate salary and benefits 28% 38% Limited opportunities for advancement 22% 20% Unhappiness with management 14% 16% Overworked 12% 9% Lack of …

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Annual Survey Highlights Employee Perks Received This Holiday Season

Time Off, Celebrations, Gifts And Bonuses, Survey Sheds Light On Employer Year-End Holiday Practices As American workers enter the heart of the holiday season, many will be in a festive mood thanks to employee perks such as extra paid time off, workplace celebrations and year-end gifts and bonuses, according to findings from Bloomberg BNA’s 2014 Year-End Holiday Practices Survey.  HR professionals can access a complimentary copy of the survey here.

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Report Finds CEOs of U.S. Small and Mid-size Businesses can Spend up to 46% of Time on HR Issues

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TriNet, a leading cloud-based provider of HR services, today announced the results of its CEO HR Pain Points Survey[1]. The survey revealed that concerns surrounding HR weigh heavy on the minds and time of CEOs. 33 percent of CEOs cited HR documentation and workplace compliance as their greatest worry, followed by litigation and hiring practices, at 25 and 18 percent, respectively. With CEOs surveyed also saying that they spend an average of up to 46 percent of their time[2] on HR issues, the need for specialist expert advice and solutions is paramount.

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