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The Heat is On! 6 in 10 Employees Report Increased Work Stress

Having trouble “keeping calm and carrying on” at work? You’re in the majority. More than half (52 percent) of workers said they are stressed at work on a day-to-day basis, and 60 percent reported work-related pressure has increased in the last five years, according to a new survey by staffing firm Accountemps. Their concerns are not lost on executives: 54 percent of CFOs acknowledged their teams are stressed, and 55 percent said worker anxiety is on the rise. Employees polled cited heavy workloads and looming deadlines (33 percent), attaining work-life balance (22 percent), and unrealistic expectations of managers (22 percent) as top worries. View an infographic of the survey findings below: “Business is moving faster than ever, and employees can feel the crunch when it comes to imminent deadlines,” said Bill Driscoll, a district president for Accountemps. “Workers shouldn’t suffer in silence. They can tap internal resources for help or seek advice from their managers to ensure they meet work expectations, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.” Driscoll added, “A stressed employee can have detrimental effects on the department or company, including decreased morale and productivity, and increased burnout and turnover. Managers should look for signs their staff is overworked …

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Majority Of Workers Want More Insight On How Their Efforts Affect Bottom Line

Tavorro Career Happy Workers

Survey Reveals Generational Differences in How Much People Understand About Their Roles When it comes to their jobs, new research reveals many professionals would like more information about how their efforts contribute to the company’s bottom line. While nearly half of workers in the Robert Half Management Resources survey reported they are always able to see the connection between their duties and their firm’s performance, the majority, 53 percent, also said they want greater insights. Fourteen percent of those polled noted they rarely or never see how their work affects the organization.

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Millennials Make 2015 the Year of the Milestone Infographic


Millennials moving past recession, diving into new jobs, new homes and new rides. It’s been widely reported that for many Millennials, β€œ30 is the new 20,” with many delaying major life milestones, like full-time employment, marriage and having children. However, recent data from the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker suggests that as the economy continues to recover, Millennials will make 2015 a year of major purchases and life experiences.

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Four in 10 CIOs Say Their Company Lacks Support Needed for Digital Marketing Projects


Most businesses have taken steps to enhance their digital marketing abilities, but structural issues may still get in the way, new research from Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group suggests. Forty-two percent of chief information officers (CIOs) surveyed said their company does not have the structure to support the seamless integration between marketing and information technology (IT) for digital marketing projects. Advertising and marketing executives were more optimistic, with only 24 percent saying the same.

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Is Technology The New ‘IT’ Industry?


Three in Four Non-IT Professionals Find Tech Careers Appealing; Salary and Innovation Hold Most Appeal. Not everyone is born with a knack to hack, but a new survey shows most people find technology careers attractive. Three-quarters of non-IT (information technology) professionals polled said the technology field holds appeal for them. Salary potential and job opportunities and the ability to be innovative were cited by respondents as the top draws.

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Military Family Advisory Network Launches Milcents Financial Planning Course for Military Families

MilCents Tavorro Careers

Military families have a new resource to help them save, plan for retirement, track their credit and avoid financial predators: an online program from the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN). The program, MilCents, is a 10-week financial literacy program designed specifically for military families. “There are thousands of financial resources β€” so many that it can be difficult to know where to start. MilCents makes understanding finances easy, interactive and actually fun,” said MFAN’s executive director, Shannon Razsadin. “This program will empower military families to take control of their finances, one step at a time.”

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Human Resources Managers Cite Lack of Communication as Main Source of Low Employee Morale

Poor communication may do the greatest harm to workplace morale, suggests a new survey. One-third (33 percent) of human resources (HR) managers interviewed said a breakdown in communication is at the heart of most morale problems; almost one in five (18 percent) survey respondents pointed to micromanagement as the biggest factor. Communication also was cited by 38 percent of HR managers as the most effective way to counter low employee morale. The survey was developed by Accountemps. It was conducted by an independent research firm and is based on interviews with more than 300 HR managers at U.S. companies with 20 or more employees.

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Four in 10 Job Seekers Want to Work for Companies That Give Back to the Community


Nice guys may finish last, but a new survey suggests that nice companies often finish first when it comes to recruiting. More than four in 10 (42 percent) professionals said an organization’s participation in charitable activities is at least somewhat of a factor in their decision to work there. The survey of office workers was developed by OfficeTeam, a leading staffing service specializing in the placement of highly skilled administrative professionals. It was conducted by an independent research firm and is based on telephone interviews with more than 400 U.S. workers 18 years of age or older and employed in office environments.

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