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DDD February 23rd WMR Refunds are Showing up Early


If you have a DDD of February 23rd and are a netspend, AMEX Serve or AMEX Bluebird user, you most likely got your refund a few days earlier than those with regular bank accounts.  Users are reporting they started receiving their income tax refund for DDD February 23, 2017 on Friday the 17th and even more reported waking up to find their refunds credited to their account today! Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Compass and others are reporting that refunds will be posted early on the exact DDD! Comment below if you have received your refund early, on time or if the funds are pending.  Please include your method of filing, date accepted, DDD Date or Tax Cycle Code.    

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50 Top Jobs for 2017

Big data scientist tavorro Careers

With millions of people already searching for jobs in the New Year, Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest job sites, today announced its annual jobs report identifying the 50 Best Jobs in America for 2017. Data Scientist claims the top spot for the second year in a row, followed by DevOps Engineer and Data Engineer. Jobs including Dental Hygienist, Corporate Recruiter and Pharmacy Manager are new to the list this year. This report highlights the 50 best jobs based on each job’s overall Glassdoor Job Score1. The Glassdoor Job Score is determined using three key factors: earning potential based on median annual base salary, job satisfaction rating and number of job openings. The jobs that made this list stand out across all three categories. The TOP EIGHT Best Jobs in America for 2017 are: 1. Data Scientist Job Score: 4.8 Job Satisfaction Rating: 4.4 Number of Job Openings: 4,184 Median Base Salary: $110,000 2. DevOps Engineer Job Score: 4.7 Job Satisfaction Rating: 4.2 Number of Job Openings: 2,725 Median Base Salary: $110,000 3. Data Engineer Job Score: 4.7 Job Satisfaction Rating: 4.3 Number of Job Openings: 2,599 Median Base Salary: $106,000 4. Tax Manager Job Score: 4.7 Job Satisfaction Rating: 4.0 …

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