Social MediaGraphics Tips for Businesses

Social Media Graphics Tips for Businesses

Social Media Graphics Tips and Cheat Sheet

It is important, especially for businesses, to have engaging and correctly sized social media graphics. Your brand comes across as unprofessional when the content appears to be “too salesy” or is poorly sized and your ROI will be very low. The tips and infographic cheat sheet below help you improve your social content.  gives you the latest dimensions for all of your social media graphics.

Tips for Social Graphics:

  1. Always use high resolution graphics.
  2. Don’t use your social media graphics to “HARD SELL”  your audience.  Your followers want to engage with you not see a news feed of hard sell calls to action.  It is important to have a clear call to action, but you want to leave the hard sell CTA’s for banner ads.   Find creative ways to call your followers to action without being “too salesy.”  It is important to offer a relevant mixture of tips, inspiration, fun facts and appropriate humor that will turn your followers into loyal brand ambassadors.
  3. Give people a reason to take notice and want to share your content with their friends, family and followers.
  4. Avoid social graphics that include offensive content.  Don’t try to be too cool.  You may love the latest memes but your audience may find these too hard to interpret or take them the wrong way.
  5. Don’t overuse hashtags or use spammy hashtags that make you look desperate for followers.
  6. Don’t be tempted to use any “spam follower” apps just to gain quick likes and favorites.  The people that like and favorite your content when using those apps are usually pushing spammy content as well. The last thing your brand needs is a feed full of “Follow Me” spam content that is often inappropriate for your company’s social media feed.  People are smart and they can spot fake followers and spammy content easily.
  7. Partner with other relevant businesses and jointly produce some helpful social content that builds both brands.
  8. Be careful who you follow and be careful what you like, favorite, pin, share and retweet.  All of those actions are a reflection on your brand.
  9. Create a content management plan and follow it.  Random quick postings, that are not well thought out, usually do not perform well.
  10. Ask yourself before you hit send, is this content something you would find  helpful, interesting or inspirational? Would you want to share this content with your friends and followers?


Social Media Profile Graphics Ad Sizes 2015

Infographic Courtesy of: Bannersnack

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