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Shelf Monkey Begins Global Hiring; Aims for 10,000 Shelf Brokers by 2016

Shelf Monkey streamlines global retail shelf space rentals and facilitates product placement.

Retail shelf space brokerage Shelf Monkey has begun hiring brokers locally and internationally in key metro markets; the company aims to have over 10,000 shelf brokers globally by the end of 2016 to reach its goal of becoming the top destination for product placement.

“With the successful launch of our innovative retail shelf space brokerage platform last week, we’re now 100% focused on generating listings to fulfill demand from brand manufacturers,” commented Shelf Monkey founder Tom Rapko.

The origin of Shelf Monkey is actually tied to a small family business trying to make it big, and failing. Shelf Monkey founder Tom Rapko owned a beverage company in which he had manufactured plenty of soda, but couldn’t get the product on to retail shelves.

Tom hit the streets. He hit the phones. He Googled his brains out. No shelf space could be had. He speculated that other start-up companies were in the same boat; a great product with no retail distribution. There was an obvious disconnect between retail shelf space owners and brand manufacturers, and especially between up-and-coming brands and large retailers.

Tom figured retail shelf space owners would be open to renting some of their space, regardless of whether that manufacturer was a start-up trying to launch a new brand or an existing company hoping to lock-up additional product distribution space.

He approached a couple retailers and asked if he could “rent” their shelves; surprisingly, they agreed. That’s the day Tom knew he had stumbled onto a viable new business. Shelf Monkey would help streamline global retail shelf space rentals and facilitate brand placement. Along the way, he’s also hoping to create a whole troop of independent retail shelf space brokers.

And the name Shelf Monkey? “Monkeys are funny, but having no retail space to sell your product isn’t,” Tom commented. “I wanted to add a little fun to the process of putting products on shelves and establishing a brand. I’m a big believer that a good business is a fun business.”

Now retailers of all sizes can rent their shelf space to top brand manufacturers directly, and if the size of the multi-trillion dollar retail market is any indication, the future looks golden for participating retailers, brand manufacturers, and especially shelf brokers.

About Shelf Monkey:

Based in California, Shelf Monkey is the first retail shelf space brokerage. The company focuses on unlocking the true value of retail shelf space for both owners and manufacturers around the world. All images and content copyright Shelf Monkey 2014.

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