Participate in Presidential Debate with New Election HQ App

Participate in real time with the Fox News Facebook Debate Event.

Tune in to the debates on Thursday, August 6th from 5pm and 9pm ET to participate live in real-time using your smartphone. Listed below is the link to download the Election HQ App and instructions on how to participate.

  1. First, download the Fox News Election HQ 2016 App for iPhone or Android.
  2. When the debate begins, launch the Election HQ app and tap on the “Join the Interactive Debate” button on the main screen or go to the section marked “Debates” and select the current debate.
  3. Scroll to the candidate that is currently speaking:  Agree with what he or she is saying? Tap the thumbs up.  Disagree with his or her statement? Tap thumbs down.  Think he or she just avoided the question entirely? Tap “Dodge.”
  4. As you score each candidate’s response, you’ll see a tally on the right-hand side with how they’re doing.
  5. After the debate ends, you’ll receive your results! Your personal scorecard will show you which candidate you most agree with, least agree with and who you thought dodged the most questions.

Moderated by Special Report anchor Bret Baier, The Kelly File anchor Megyn Kelly and FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace, the debate will feature Facebook data illustrating how the issues of the day are resonating with people on today’s largest platform for political conversation. FOX News viewers and Facebook users will also be able to share images and video questions via Facebook, some of which will be used to help formulate questions for the candidates and broadcast during the debate.

August 6th Presidential Election 2016 Debate Participants:

Early Debate

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Former HP head Carly Fiorina

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham

Former New York Governor George Pataki

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore

Prime Time Debate

Donald Trump

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

Retired Neurosurgeon Ben Carson

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Florida Senator Marco Rubio

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Ohio Governor John Kasich

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