Grads Are Not Maximizing Digital Presence to Land Jobs

Research reveals divide between graduate recruiters and new graduates when it comes to importance of online profile in hiring process:

  •  76% of hiring managers regularly check the social media and online presence of candidates
  • More than 60% of millennial hiring managers said having a website or online portfolio is important for candidates
  • Only 32% of graduates actually have an online portfolio to display their work

GoDaddy Inc.  the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures, announced a consultation hotline dedicated to helping new graduates perfect their digital presence as new research revealed a majority aren’t using online platforms to enhance their job prospects.


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With over three million graduates set to enter the workforce this year, GoDaddy recently conducted research among 250 industry-wide hiring managers and 1,000 students to reveal what the class of 2017 should come to expect when hunting for their first jobs.

First Impressions Count (Even Before You’re In The Room)

The research uncovered some general do’s and don’ts for new graduates hoping to make a good first impression when looking for their first professional jobs this summer:

  • 4 minutes – the average time candidates have to form a good first impression, informed by everything from the quality of a handshake (54%) to their punctuality (67%).
  • 53% of hiring managers said they use thought-provoking curveball questions during an interview to form this impression by revealing something interesting about a candidate.
  • Top curveball questions included: How many computers are there in Manhattan? What tree do you resemble most? If you could have dinner with anyone in the world who would it be, and why?

Increasingly though, these first impressions are being formed before a meeting ever takes place — highlighting how a strong digital presence could be the difference between equally qualified candidates landing a job:

  • Three in four hiring managers (76%) now regularly check the social media profiles and online presence of candidates, but only 50% of graduates make sure theirs is up to standard before an interview.
  • Millennial hiring managers pay particularly close attention to digital presence — more than 60% said having a website or online portfolio is important for candidates. Almost one quarter (24%) have refused to hire somebody based on their online presence.
  • 70% of recent grads think employers typically look for an online portfolio when considering a new hire, but only a third (32%) actually have an online portfolio to display their work currently.

Dedicated Hotline for New Graduates + GoCentral

To help new graduates show get online quickly and confidently to show off their work as they pursue jobs, GoDaddy has launched a new dedicated, 24/7 consultation hotline for graduates. By calling 480-463-8307 new job hunters will be connected to GoDaddy’s customer care team who will provide help and assistance for everything from choosing the right resume website template or online portfolio template, to how SEO can improve their chances of being found by potential employers.

“First impressions have always been important, and these findings show that’s true now more than ever in a culture where our work and personal lives are increasingly interwoven,” said Monica Bailey, Chief People Officer, GoDaddy. “While there are some things graduate job seekers can’t ever truly prepare for – curveball questions included – harnessing their natural affinity for digital media to perfect their personal brand will put the Class of 2017 in great shape to land the job they’ve always wanted. With the GoDaddy Graduate Hotline, we’ll be there to help them take that leap and claim an awesome online presence that will serve them for years to come.”

Creating a website is one of the easiest, most effective ways for new grads to show off their skills and wow employers. In under an hour with GoDaddy’s new GoCentral tool, graduates can get a perfect domain, customize a design from thousands of website templates and get their achievements out there for all to see — all from their mobile phone.

More career resources for 2017 Graduates

  • Graduates can call 480-463-8307 24/7 for help on building a new website or online portfolio.
  • To find out more about GoDaddy GoCentral, visit Get Started for FREE Now!.

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