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  1. I have the cycle code of 20151505 and a refund issued code, but the date next to it is May 4. Does that mean it won’t be DD until then?

  2. Same here wondering if the wait is until May 4 or April 23

  3. Hi! I hope someone is still out there that can answer my question. So I filed my 2012 tax return BY MAIL and I sent it 3-30-15. I know you can’t find the status of prior year returns on WMR so I ordered my tax transcripts and I wasn’t expecting a refund until mid June because I was told that it usually takes 8-10 weeks to recieve a check back when mailinh a prior year return. HOWEVER Much to my surprise my transcript for 2012 had cycle date 20151502, and I have the 846 code with refund issued date of 05-04-2015. So my question is when should I expect them to mail by check? I know they only mail on Fridays so I’m HOPING they’ll mail it next Friday May 1st. another think though is on my 2014 return that I alreay received I had a refund issue date on my transcript as 04-13-2015 and I actually received that on April 6th after it was mailed on April 3rd. So 2014 got mailed 10 days before my transcript said it would be, so if that’s the same situation for my 2012 then it means it should be mailed this Friday the 27th…right? I just would like some advice and opinions on when anyone thinks they will actually mail out my return. I was so happily surprised to see that 2012 got an 846 code already, so now I’m anxious to get that return in!

  4. Thank you for the useful information you have provided for all of during this tax season. I have received a cycle date of 20151602. Does that mean I can expect my refund on April 27th?

  5. This year has been a rollercoaster. I submitted my return on 01/27, accepted the same day. WMR showed a refund date of 02/17. On that day the bars disappeared and began just saying “processing”. I made several attempts at reaching the IRS with no success. Finally I got through and was told that I should receive a letter in 2 weeks telling what was going on. After 2 weeks I called and they said it wasn’t sent and would take another 3 weeks. After those 3 weeks I finally was able to get a TA. She found that it was all due to the Healthcare Act and the wrong 1095A that they sent. All new paperwork was sent and now I have a cycle date of 20151505. But there is a 971 and 570 dated 05/04. Does this mean I have to wait for another letter? I don’t have a 846. Is my return still stuck?

  6. i have a 20151505 cycle code with a 5/4/2015 date. the 20151505 is april 23rd which is today. still no 846 code on transcripts though. i will not be getting a direct deposit due to having filed form 8379 injured spouse allocation so i will be receiving a paper check through snail mail. they (irs) did reverse the refund that was offset due to my wifes defaulted school loan from before i knew her so they acknowledge me getting my money back but they keep sending letters saying ill be getting my money instead of sending my check. is 20151505 (april 23rd 2015) which would be a ddd now the day my check is mailed and the 5/4/2015 the date i should receive it by????? can someone please please please help me understand what the hell uncle sam is doing to me? whatever they are doing they are not using vasoline and my ass is hurting like hell because they really put me in a hard position. dont they realize that we are people too that are trying to make an honest luiving? or do they even care??? someone please help me before i lose my mind f**king with good old uncle sam…..

    • So Sorry Tim…. that you are having such a hard time with your return this year. Please read the Criteria 1 to 7 here: http://blog.tavorro.com/taxpayer-advocate-faq/ It sounds like from what you told us above that you would qualify for free taxpayer help! The reason it is important for you to take advantage of this is that they can actually help you get your return expedited. I know it’s a pain to call them and go through this process but it is the absolute fastest way to help your refund get processed. Update us and keep us posted!


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