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Tavorro Offers Two Programs for Schools and Educators

Career Center Support Programs

The primary goal of the career center is to help graduating students find work. Tavorro’s comprehensive Career Center Support Program is built to support the career center and help students learn how to effectively get jobs and manage their careers for a lifetime. Working hand-in-hand with the career center, we show students how to take ownership of building their comprehensive brand through a unique profile, and we automatically match them to jobs and employers that are specifically looking for their talent and skills. Tavorro’s proprietary solution uses sophisticated technology to compare every student profile to every job in our database. A score is generated for match quality and students are presented virtually to employers when they generate a high level match. In addition, students may apply for any job in the database to see how well they match. An Opportunity Assessment is generated showing very exacting detail on the job requirements versus the student’s qualifications. Many colleges and universities have told us that the opportunity for a student to see exactly where their skills and experience gaps are is invaluable to helping them prepare themselves for the future.

Tavorro can also create various levels of integration with technologies that career centers may already use. For example, many career centers applications are built on cloud-based solutions offered by career center specialists. Tavorro’s services can be integrated either technically or via processes to enhance these offerings.

Alumni Association Program

Our Alumni Association Program helps you continue to build and support your alumni as well as the mission of your institution through key services that we offer to your Alumni Association for free. We’ll help you brand and expand your Alumni program through a collaborative integration on our site. Your Alumni can benefit from all of our matching technology AND your Alumni who are in hiring roles at their company can find and hire your alumni. And it’s all free.

Narrowing the Skills Gap

As a comprehensive employment ecosystem, our mission, beyond being the world’s best enabler of the recruiting and hiring process, is to continuously improve the information and feedback we provide employers and job seekers about employment matching as well as the information we provide to educational institutions about narrowing the skills gap.

Opportunity Analysis

Tavorro is focused on the Unemployment issue. We care about students and graduates and offer innovative programs to not only help identify jobs, but understand the requirements and prerequisites for getting jobs and building successful careers. This integration of education with opportunity analysis provides information to job seekers on why they qualify or do not qualify for certain job opportunities. If they fall short, we understand why and provide guidance about how to close the gap.

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