DDD February 23rd WMR Refunds are Showing up Early

If you have a DDD of February 23rd and are a netspend, AMEX Serve or AMEX Bluebird user, you most likely got your refund a few days earlier than those with regular bank accounts.  Users are reporting they started receiving their income tax refund for DDD February 23, 2017 on Friday the 17th and even more reported waking up to find their refunds credited to their account today!

Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Compass and others are reporting that refunds will be posted early on the exact DDD!

Comment below if you have received your refund early, on time or if the funds are pending.  Please include your method of filing, date accepted, DDD Date or Tax Cycle Code.



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  1. I got this info direct from a former IRS Employee. He was a inside Irs worker So im just Copying and Pasting what he told me.

    Friendly Federal Employee
    Just some inside info! I have worked for many different departments IRS, veterans claims processing, & even worked in banking for 7 years! I do not work in the IRS area now, but my mother & aunt do. I also know exactly how the system works. So just some inside info. Even though Monday is a holiday they will be working! Luckily they will have the phones shut off so that they can strictly work on processing! People who do not work there may not like that but you have to understand that it allows them to do twice the amount of work & therefore get your refunds to you sooner. Normally during a busy season in an Federal department they do mandatory overtime & give u the option to work on a holiday. Everyone I worked with ALWAYS took the option to work because of the double pay for that day! You will not be able to reach them though. As far as if u received a update overnight like I did also with a direct deposit date no later than 2/23 then what happens is a series of different processes. An employee pulls normally 20 files into what they call their que at a time. They have to process those before getting more. Mind u EVERYONE has a quota & the faster u work the bigger ur bonus so believe me when I say they are not dragging their feet. They r simply doing what they r told & when. Once they finish the file they then approve it & it goes to what they call their “coach” who is actually there supervisor. They are all separated into teams & each team has a coach. The supervisor reviews it & approves it & sends it to the department to be processed for deposit or check sent out. Then same process again that employee in that department pulls 20 files & works the deposit approves it & sends it to their supervisor who reviews & does the FINAL approval & that tells the system to cut u a check or direct deposit. So then we see the update to our WMR with the date on or before 2/23. They do this because there can be many different factors including ur bank & if ur daily or weekly updater. I am weekly updater so even if mine was actually processed last Monday it would not have showed on WMR until Saturday morning because that is when ALL weekly updates show. So then it comes to when it was actually processed & completed. It is normally 4 days later when u get ur deposit (except weekly updaters) So for mine in all previous years it has always gave me a date that normally fell on a Wednesday & I normally received my $ the Monday before.

    I use netspend also! This year it is a Thursday because they counted the holiday probably to avoid the millions of phone calls which only makes things go slower. So depending on what bank u use & how they process ACH deposits u could still see ur refund on Monday even if it’s a holiday & they r closed. Some banks have a computer system that processes ACH deposits automatically as long as all the information is correct. Netspend I assume uses that computer system because I receive deposit all the time at midnight or anytime. Other banks receive ACH & they do not process them until they r open & there is an employee that goes in & does a release on all ACH deposits received. Most banks are like this that is why everyone uses netspend or some other prepaid cards because they receive their refunds earlier. So to sum it up I would not expect anything over the weekend. They just processed ur refund & gave u a date. Most likely the IRS will send the information Monday to the banks & netspend people could get it that day. Unfortunately other banks will receive it also & get it when they come back Tuesday after the holiday, but they will not put it in ur account until the day it says to put it in ur account that was sent to them. They hold it until then. That is why I now have my work check put in netspend. I was supposed to get paid on the 20th & I received my deposit on the 16th while my other coworkers still have not been paid because their bank will hold it. Now they will get it on the 20th because the bank has already received the ACH info & put to release it on the 20th even though it is a holiday. So the computer will automatically release it. It is just the way everything is processed on both sides. So all I can say is I am actually surprised the refunds came as soon as they did. I just did mine on February 12 & was accepted same day. So this is the fastest I have ever received my refund! I figured with the new law it would crash the system or back things up even more, but it looks like they r coming just as planned. The dates of when u filed does not matter if u fall under the path act! The 21 day rule starts on February 15th. It’s a new law that is out of the IRS’s hands & unfortunately they r catching the brunt for it. I have family that works their that gets cussed out multiple times daily over this & people need to remember they r just employees of the federal government. They r in the same boat as u! Their taxes r held up & r processed just like urs. The files are just #’s so they can’t get special treatment & ask for theirs to be pushed through. My mother filed before me & is not part of the path act & she did not get a DDD! She also can’t ask about hers before the 21 day & of course she has no access to look at her info. If only everyone knew how it all worked & the employees honestly have NO CONTROL over anything. Hope this helps some….”

  2. My suggestion is this if our bank did not deposit your money and you have a DDD OF 2/23. Here is the phone nunber to the Federal Reserve. I will be posting this everywhere when I get home tonight. On every post I can find. And then we can all call and make complaints against hr block and its 3 banks for holding the funds. For I just read on the Fed Reserve website that they cannot hold the funds unless they are suspicious. Otherwise for the type of deposit it is” next day” from when the reserves sends them the funds.Therefor,they will investigate. I spoke to a rep via chat whom gave me the number and stated they will check into everyones. They cannot hold funds for more than 24 hrs, next day that is it and thats is exactly what they have been doing. So the crap about calling the irs and oh we cant until the ddd is b.s. Heres the number 888-851-1920. Good Luck

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