Where Do Liberal Arts Grads Land After College?


Where do liberal arts and humanities graduates go after graduation? Three in five liberal arts bachelor’s degree graduates (60.5 percent) from the Class of 2014 landed full-time jobs or a place in graduate school within six months of graduation, according to results of a new study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). NACE’s Class of 2014 First-Destination Survey found that 42.2 percent of liberal arts and humanities graduates were in full-time positions while 18.3 percent were in graduate or professional school.

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Top Paying College Majors Earn $3.4 Million More Than Lowest Paying Majors Over a Lifetime


New report details earnings for 137 college majors. When it comes to earnings, majors matter more than degrees. Over a career, the report finds, college graduates earn $1 million more than high school graduates on average. But averages are misleading: college graduates with the highest paying majors earn $3.4 million more than the lowest paying majors. Using Census data, The Economic Value of College Majors analyzes wages for 137 college majors, including the wages of graduates who go on to earn advanced degrees. It also details the most popular majors, the majors most likely to lead to an advanced degree, and the economic benefit of earning an advanced degree by undergraduate major.

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Five Essential Tips To Prepare Kids To Go Back To School

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As the long days of summer begin to fade, children and parents are beginning to think about the start of a new school year. Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies, a national early childhood education franchise with three decades of experience, has prepared the top five tips to help parents and kids transition into the new school year smoothly. Being prepared can ease apprehension and reduce stress that is sometimes associated with a new school year.

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Lowe’s Donates $500,000 to Thurgood Marshall College Fund

Grant to Support Emergency Scholarships for Students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) announces a $500,000 donation from Lowe’s to assist students attending publicly-supported Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). This grant will assist graduating seniors in need of financial support to complete their final course requirements.

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Facebook Launches Moments, A New Private Way to Share Photos With Friends

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With a phone at everyone’s fingertips, the moments in our lives are captured by a new kind of photographer: our friends. It’s hard to get the photos your friends have taken of you, and everyone always insists on taking that same group shot with multiple phones to ensure they get a copy. Even if you do end up getting some of your friends’ photos, it’s difficult to keep them all organized in one place on your phone.  Privacy, especially for job seekers,  is always a concern as well.  The Moments app solves both of these problems.

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International Summer Program Lands 12 Alums on Forbes’ 2015 30 Under 30 List

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Explo, a world leader in developing creative hands-on summer programs on the campuses of Yale University, Wellesley College, and Wheaton College, is delighted to announce that 12 former Explo students made the 2015 Forbes’ 30 under 30 list. Explo (short for Exploration) challenges students to step outside their comfort zones, take courses across a vast array of subjects, and open themselves to learning opportunities that are far-reaching and inspiring. The wide range of industries represented among the 12 alumni attests to that.

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Choosing a Major Based on Outcomes


As college students soon discover there is more to any career than a paycheck, but it is one big thing to consider when choosing a major, as it will influence your future salary. Most academic fields have at least one major with relatively higher earnings.    The infographic shown below offers a color-coded graph representing 85 majors over the course of 45 years and the income generated. There are also colored graphs representing the highest paid jobs in 10 different fields at entry level, mid-career, and late-career to see how they change or progress. Other graphs illustrate the top and bottom 10 majors based on peak career earnings. Lastly a graph charts earnings over career years based on the level of education received.

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Adobe Announces 2015 Creativity Scholarship Awards

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Adobe, as part of its commitment to the next generation of creatives, today announced this year’s class of Adobe Creativity Scholars who will receive scholarships to help continue post-secondary education and creative pursuits. Chosen from 12 countries around the world, the 25 students selected demonstrate strong academic performance, leadership and global awareness. All of the scholars have participated in the global Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) program, which enables young people to harness media-making and storytelling skills to address social issues they care about. Adobe currently supports 75 students through the Creativity Scholarship program, which launched in 2013.

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Heading to College This Fall? Sallie Mae Can Help Fill the Financing Gap with a Responsible Private Education Loan

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Sallie Mae’s Smart Option Student Loan Offers Competitive Pricing, No Fees, Quarterly FICO® Scores for Free and Consumer Safeguards. Millions of high school and college graduates across the country have made the important decision of where they are headed to college or graduate school this fall, and now they have a new challenge—finding the right way to pay for it. After exploring grants, scholarships and federal loans, a private education loan can be an affordable and financially responsible way to fill the college financing gap. Sallie Mae’s Smart Option Student Loan® allows families to design the private education loan that’s right for them.

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