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Tax Transcript Tips from the Internal Revenue Service for 2016

Tavorro IRS Tax Transcript Guide

Order Your Tax Transcript Online The IRS reminds taxpayers that the quickest way to get a copy of their tax transcript is to order it online using the Get Transcript application on By planning ahead, they should receive their transcript in the mail within five to 10 days from the time the IRS receives the request online. The IRS continues to work to bring the viewable/printable functionality of the application back online in the near future with enhanced identity protection security features. In the meantime, taxpayers can still request a mailed transcript by going online to Get Transcript. Though taxpayers should always keep a copy of their tax return for their records, some may need the information from filed tax returns for many reasons. This includes college financial aid applicants or taxpayers who have applied for a loan to buy a home or start a business. If a taxpayer is returning to college this January and applying for financial aid, they should check with their financial aid department at school to see if they will need a copy of their transcript before they start classes. Frequently, students get all the tax return information they need on the FAFSA application …

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2016 IRS Tax Transcript Guide


The IRS reminds taxpayers to plan ahead and take advantage of other options to obtain a tax transcript while work continues to bring the viewable/printable functionality of the Get Transcript application back online in the near future with enhanced identity protection security features. In the meantime, taxpayers don’t have to wait. They can order their transcript online, over the phone or by mail — the quickest options available. If they plan ahead, they should receive their transcript within five to 10 days from the time the IRS receives the request online. How Do You Get Your IRS Transcript the Fastest? To order a transcript online and have it delivered by mail, go to and use the Get Transcript tool. Simply click the “Get Transcript by Mail” button. To order by phone, call 800-908-9946 and follow the prompts. To request an individual tax return transcript by mail or fax, complete Form 4506T-EZ, Short Form Request for Individual Tax Return Transcript. Businesses and individuals who need a tax account transcript should use Form 4506-T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return. Keep in mind that the current year’s transcript availability is affected by the method used to file the return and whether …

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Oracle Reaches Landmark Settlement with FTC Over Java Updates

Oracle Settlement with FTC Tavorro Jobs

Oracle has agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it deceived consumers about the security provided by updates to its Java Platform, Standard Edition software (Java SE), which is installed on more than 850 million personal computers. Under the terms of a proposed consent order, Oracle will be required to give consumers the ability to easily uninstall insecure, older versions of Java SE.

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Executive’s Say It’s More Challenging to Be a Leader Today

Leadership infographic Tavorro Careers

Survey Reveals Worker Confidence in Company Leaders; Cities With Greatest Rise in Leadership Challenges Leading a business is only getting harder, recent research found. In the Robert Half Management Resources survey, 66 percent of chief financial officers (CFOs) said it is more challenging to be a company leader today than it was five years ago. Just 4 percent of executives said the challenges have eased.

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Taxpayer Bill of Rights Fact Sheet


Each and every taxpayer has a set of fundamental rights they should be aware of when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service. The “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” takes the multiple existing rights embedded in the tax code and groups them into 10 broad categories, making them easier to find and understand. A list of your rights as a taxpayer and IRS obligations to protect them can be found in IRS Publication 1, Your Rights as a Taxpayer (Shown Below).  It includes The Right to Challenge the IRS’s Position and Be Heard. Taxpayers have the right to raise objections and provide additional documentation in response to formal IRS actions or proposed actions, to expect that the IRS will consider their timely objections and documentation promptly and fairly, and to receive a response if the IRS does not agree with their position. If you are notified by the IRS that your tax return has a mathematical or clerical error, you have 60 days to tell the IRS that you disagree. You should provide photocopies of any records that may help correct the error. Also, you may call the number listed on your notice or bill for assistance. If you are correct, we …

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Millennials Make 2015 the Year of the Milestone Infographic


Millennials moving past recession, diving into new jobs, new homes and new rides. It’s been widely reported that for many Millennials, “30 is the new 20,” with many delaying major life milestones, like full-time employment, marriage and having children. However, recent data from the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker suggests that as the economy continues to recover, Millennials will make 2015 a year of major purchases and life experiences.

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Majority Of Workers Value Ability To Gain New Skills When Evaluating Job Offers


Survey Finds Professionals Also Concerned About Keeping Skills Current Greener pastures for workers may come in the form of the opportunity to learn something new, a recent survey by Robert Half Finance & Accounting suggests. Among finance and accounting professionals surveyed, 64 percent said the chance to gain new skills is a critical consideration when making a career move. Fifty percent also reported they are very concerned about keeping their skills current in the next few years; another 38 percent noted they were somewhat concerned. The research revealed that the value placed on learning and keeping skills current was greatest for those early in their careers but still significant for those who have risen through the ranks.

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Employee Engagement Study Reveals How Bosses Can Become Workplace Heroes

Healthy Happy Workers Tavorro Careers

When Striving for Work-Life Balance, Workers Often Need Bosses to Come to the Rescue. Employees’ ongoing struggle to balance work with time off is significantly impacted by their boss, according to Randstad US’ latest Employee Engagement Study. Randstad’s survey found more than one-third of U.S. employees (39%) don’t believe their bosses encourage them to take allotted vacation days, and almost half (45%) say their bosses don’t help them disconnect from work while on vacation.

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