Engaging Workers Year Round Ranks among Employers’ Top Communications Challenges

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Employers missing out on big and meaningful chances to communicate with employees in frequent, personalized and accessible ways Most employers (56%) say improving employees’ understanding and perceived value of benefits is their main focus, yet companies still lack personalized benefits communication at a time when it’s commonly expected by employees. These are among the findings of a new survey of more than 330 employers conducted by the non-profit National Business Coalition on Health and Benz Communications.

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Nature-Starved Offices are Affecting the Health and Productivity of Employees

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Working in environments with natural elements lead to an 8% increase in productivity and 13% higher level of well-being says EMEA study The Human Spaces Report, commissioned by global modular flooring experts, Interface, and led by Organisational Psychologist Professor Sir Cary Cooper, has revealed EMEA employees who work in environments with natural elements (such as greenery and sunlight) report a 13% higher level of well-being and are 8% more productive overall.

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Why Good Employees Quit!

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CFOs, Workers Agree Employees Most Likely to Leave Their Jobs Over Salary Money, as the saying goes, makes the world go round. But it also may be what keeps professionals in place. According to research from Robert Half, chief financial officers (CFOs) said the top reason good employees quit is inadequate salary and benefits. Workers interviewed echoed this sentiment, most commonly citing poor compensation as the primary reason they would leave their jobs.

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