Only 1 in 10 Employees Define Success at Work as High Performance


Global Career Aspiration Survey Reveals Disconnect between Employee Aspirations and Employer Performance Goals A new global career survey of employees released today by Right Management, the global career experts within ManpowerGroup, finds that only 10 percent of employees define career success as high performance and productivity. As employers struggle to find skilled and motivated individuals to meet performance goals, these findings indicate an ongoing disconnect between employee aspirations and the performance demands of employers worldwide.

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Top 50 Best Value Undergraduate Business Schools

Top 50 Undergraduate Business Schools Tavorro Careers

Value Colleges, an independent online guide to the best values in undergraduate and graduate college education, has published its 2015 ranking of the Top 50 Best Value Undergraduate Business Schools. The ranking is a thoroughly-researched, wide-ranging list of the most reliable investments for a bachelor’s degree in business. These are strictly the most well-respected, AACSB-accredited institutions, distinguished by an ideal combination of price and market value. Topping the list are the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business, and the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

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New Academy Report Explores the State of the Humanities in Higher Education

Humanities Survey Tavorro Career Resources

Recent discussions about the state of the humanities in higher education have portrayed the field as beleaguered and declining. Today, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences is releasing a new report on The State of the Humanities: Higher Education 2015 that is intended to provide a more balanced and evidenced-based depiction of the health of the humanities on college and university campuses.

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Your Tax Refund and Offsets to Pay Your Unpaid Debts


If you can’t pay your taxes in full, the IRS will work with you. But you should know that back taxes or certain past due debts can reduce your federal tax refund. The Treasury Offset Program can use all or part of your federal refund to settle certain unpaid federal or state debts. Here are five facts to know about tax refund offsets. Bureau of the Fiscal Service The Department of Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service, or BFS, runs the Treasury Offset Program. Offsets to Pay Certain Debts Past due federal tax debt may reduce your tax refund. The BFS may also use part or all of your tax refund to pay certain other debts such as: Past-due child and parent support. Federal agency non-tax debts, such as a delinquent student loan. State income tax obligations. Certain unemployment compensation debts owed to a state. Notified by Mail The BFS will mail you a notice if it offsets any part of your refund to pay your debt. The notice will list the original refund and offset amount. It will also include the agency that received the offset payment. It will also give their contact information. How to Dispute Offset If …

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Job Stability Trumps Passion for Majority of College Students


79 percent of Millennial and Generation Z Students are Optimistic about their Future, But Finding a Job is Still the Top Concern. Seventy percent of students would prefer a stable job without a high level of emotional investment or passion over a job with lots of passion but no job security, according to the most recent Way to Work™ survey from Adecco Staffing USA, the nation’s leading provider of recruitment and workforce solutions. The survey also found that while the majority (79 percent) of students are optimistic they will find a job in five months or less, finding a job is still their top concern.

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Unemployment for Veterans is Falling for Fourth Year in a Row


Every year in March the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its annual Employment Situation of Veterans report, which in years past – during the depths of our economic crisis – was often a source of bad news. That’s changed, decisively. The report released today, which provides average statistics for 2014 for various groups of veterans, shows that the unemployment rate for every one of those groups fell in 2014.

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Small Businesses Plan to Increase Investments and Employee Compensation in 2015


Business Barometer Finds Women and Millennials are Driving Optimism, Particularly at Local Level, but Many Struggle to Achieve Work-Life Balance. Small business owners are feeling positive about financial conditions and their local and national economies as they plan to increase investments in business processes, technology, employee compensation and other areas, according to Capital One’s latest Spark Business Barometer.

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Global Organizations Face Looming Crisis in Engagement and Retention of Employees


Lack of employee engagement is the top issue currently facing 87 percent of HR and business leaders (up from 79 percent last year), according to Deloitte’s third annual “Global Human Capital Trends 2015: Leading in the New World of Work” report released today. Yet, the majority of organizations are still failing to take action to improve their culture, potentially jeopardizing future growth.

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