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Checking Email in Meetings a Frequent Occurrence, but Managers Don’t Like It

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Let’s face it, we all check email during meetings. But it doesn’t mean managers like it. While two-thirds (67 percent) of managers recently surveyed by Robert Half Management Resources said it’s at least somewhat common for workers to read and respond to emails on mobile devices during business meetings, just 6 percent said it’s perfectly acceptable to do so.

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Which Source of Power Can You Leverage for Greater Success?

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Utilizing your Optimal Source of Power Creates Effective Leadership Can power make women successful, defined leaders, and help them continue to enhance the world? Joann M. Eisenhart, Ph.D., senior vice president of human resources, facilities and philanthropy at Northwestern Mutual has taken an in-depth look at women, power and success through a series of white papers. In Harness Your Sources of Power for Greater Success, Eisenhart provides details on how women, at every stage of their career, can leverage and optimize their own sources of power to be more successful. This latest white paper follows The Art and Science of Power, released in July 2014, which presented Eisenhart’s findings on how female corporate leaders describe power. “There does not need to be a negative connotation of power that exists among women. Women can and should feel comfortable utilizing power which makes sense for them in any situation,” said Eisenhart. According to Eisenhart, There are Five Sources of Power: Position Expertise and credibility Relationships Personal qualities Empowering others Each power source brings with it a unique set of advantages and challenges. Eisenhart’s research suggests women are more comfortable with certain power sources than others. This notion was recently confirmed with results …

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Manage Your Energy, Not Your Tasks!

I’m an energy guy. I thrive on it. But I’ve learned that people need specific ways to bring their energy levels forward during a given workday. Sure, the experts will tell you that you need a good night’s sleep, avoidance of alcohol, plenty of water, routine bedtimes and even work naps during the day (do you take those?). But managing one’s energy is more than that. It’s about taking our allotted time in a week — 24 hours/day, 168 hours/week — and getting as much productive work done in that span as you can.

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Negotiating a Favorable Overseas Relocation Package

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Corporate employees are increasingly being asked to relocate overseas for work. According to a survey from Atlas Van Lines, 25 percent of respondents expect relocation to increase in the near future, with an additional 55 percent predicting a steady rate of relocation. The most popular international relocation destination in the financial industry was the U.K., while among for-profit service and manufacturing companies, it was Asia. Relocating for work necessitates a bit of upheaval, but this can be mitigated with a little planning and a lot of patience. Keep the following tips in mind as you negotiate the particulars of your relocation: Ask for a Choice in Relocation Sites If you’ve never had the opportunity for extensive travel, a stint working overseas should provide all the cultural experiences you can handle—plus financial compensation. However, overseas work is still work, which is why, in an ideal situation, the employee will have some say regarding the intended destination. Moving risks such as tax issues and homesickness are significant enough to warrant a final decision on the part of the employee. When your employer brings up relocation, do not hesitate to discuss the implications of moving overseas. Mention the potential social and financial hazards …

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How to Make Your Career Choice Your New Reality

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It is never too late to pursue the job of your dreams. You may have started your current position in the hopes of constructing a career from humble beginnings; however, after remaining stagnant, you have come to realize, like 63 percent of American workers, that you are unhappy at your workplace. According to a recent survey conducted by Gallup, engagement at work is at an all time low with dissatisfied workers outnumbering satisfied workers 2 to 1. Rise out of your nine to five slump that’s keeping you disengaged and unfulfilled.

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