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Career Opportunity Engine Tavorro JobsTavorro’s Career Opportunity Engine ™ is continuously comparing your profile to the jobs in our database. Each time a new job position is entered, your profile is compared to the new position and based on your industry experience and applicable skills a job score is generated. Your job score is then automatically ranked and placed on that employers list. If your score falls within 80 to 100 percent of the total points assigned to the position, you will most likely receive a call from that employer to begin the interviewing process. (Note: Some Employer’s may only respond to the top 10% of candidates based on the number of candidates available.) If, by chance, you do not fall within the employer’s designated range, you will have the opportunity to review your profile using the Opportunity Assessment Report ™. The report will allow you to identify gaps in your profile in comparison to the employer’s specified requirements. At this point, you will be able to update your profile to fill in missing gaps or you will be able to search our education partners to investigate other alternatives. Our Career Opportunity Engine ™ takes the guess work out of finding opportunities that meet your unique experiences and skills. You will never have to spend time searching for the job that may or not match your background. We’ll show you all of the qualified opportunities in our system and let you now where you stand in each situation.

Finding an Opportunity that matches your unique experiences and skills shouldn’t be like finding a needle in a haystack! Take the guess work out of finding a job! Let Tavorro’s Career Opportunity Engine ™ do the work for you!