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Would You Hire Yourself?

In the current job market the employer is in the main focus. While it is good to market yourself as a great fit for a company, you are also an important part of the equation. Getting to know yourself and what you want out of your career is very important.

To Help With Reflection, Consider the Following Questions:

  1. Do you get along with yourself?
  2. If you could ask yourself any question, how honest would your response be?
  3. If you saw yourself in the office, would you want to be friends with yourself?
  4. If you got into an argument with yourself, who would win?
  5. If you met yourself for coffee to talk about your career goals, what would you think of them? Would you agree that you set them for yourself and not to please others? Would you talk about ways to meet or change your goals? What advice would you give?
  6. Do you enjoy the way you interact with others?
  7. What would you think of yourself if you became your boss for the day?

Who you are as a person plays a huge role in who you will be in the company. If you have to take a job with no opportunities for upward movement because you need to pay the bills, then do so, but do it on purpose. Make a plan with a manager to create upward movement for you or plan a strategy to continue interviewing with companies that have similar values as you and have opportunities for upward movement.

Tavorro (Tavorro.com) is Here to Help You Do That!

Our Opportunity Assessment Report tells you where you matched and how well. We look beyond your hard skills and take into consideration your soft skills as well. If you are friendly, maybe you would do well in customer service; if you have no fear of rejection, then perhaps sales is the area for you. With this tool, you can evaluate: where you are on your career path, how well you are completing that path, and possible next steps to continue that path. If you can’t answer those three pieces, then use the report as a way flesh out what you want your career goals to be.

Would you hire yourself? If you can answer yes and pin point why, you are on the right track. If not, take yourself out on a date and get to know the career side of yourself. We love hearing from you.  Share your career questions, tips and advice in the comments section below.

By Christine Johnson and Peter Russo

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  1. Finally, a good website that is here to help me with relatable career advice. I’m finding there are job opportunities available today, I just need to be ready to take advantage of them. I agree 100% it is necessary to brush up your own skills to land a good job and this post made me really stop and think about what I need to be working on so that I’m ready to start interviewing as I near my graduation date.

    • Sara, if we can help with your #jobsearch let us know! You can build your career profile free at Tavorro.com and update it as you near graduation. We match you instantly with #jobs that are the perfect fit for you!

  2. I enjoyed this post. It’s really a clever way to learn more about yourself as a not only a potential job candidate but as a person as well. I surprised myself with some of the answers on the checklist and can clearly see some areas where I need major improvement. Very informative and creative.

  3. Dineshan Karunakaran

    I have reached this site accidentally. Now I feel it is a site essentially to be visited by the youth. I think that a youth reading the articles in this site will achieve the ability to chose the correct career path for him and succeed in life.

  4. This is definitely an out-of-the-box approach at figuring out your own strong suits, and not so strong. With this advice you can get to know yourself better, meaning that you can explain yourself better in interviews. Some advice that I have is: don’t settle for less, if you think you deserve better, always be on the lookout for better opportunities (but that shouldn’t stop you from paying the bills!)

    Nice post!

    • Christine Johnson

      Thank you for the advice, DeeJay! I agree with you. You should always keep an eye out for better opportunities (without forgetting about your bills). Tavorro can help you keep track of those opportunities. You can build your profile for free at Tavorro.com and get matched with jobs that are perfect for you.

  5. This post is very practical and knowledgeable. There is a lot of competition in the job market today. It is essential to focus on the skills required for getting a good job and remain focused. You always deserve good if you are sincere.

  6. I think that in some cases this advice could help job seekers realize they aren’t confident or comfortable with themselves. I think that could give them a goal, to grow more sure of themselves. Some good additions that could bring a few positive responses to learn what to build on: What would you admire about yourself? What would you hope to learn from yourself?

    • It is really very interesting that everyone will look in a mirror to see if they are prepared for an interview but spend relatively little time trying to see how others might view the inner person. A job interview can either be a an opportunity for a stranger to make a snap judgement about you or your chance to outline who and what you are. Examining yourself as another is an interesting way to get a more objective handle on how one presents them self. If you think of this technique for just a moment, some new thoughts will inevitably come to mind.

  7. This is a very interesting concept, and a definite “look inside yourself,” probably something that not too many job seekers do. It is important to take an inventory of yourself, from your prospective employer’s view as well as your friends and family because they can also be important in helping to assess your qualities. I especially like the last question, “What would you think of yourself if you became your boss for the day?” That is a true soul-searching question, and really you must be honest with yourself from every angle. That question, and possible change you make just MIGHT help you land a job!

  8. One of the problems facing workers today is the lack of goals based upon their own desires. To know yourself and to be willing to shape your life by that knowledge can only bring you success. Employers are looking for those who know what they want, why they want it, and can fit in with their organization to get it. Take a deep look at yourself and answer the question: Am I someone that I would be proud to hire? If not, why?

  9. This is a very good article which provides a path for successful career.There are lot of blogs which will list the openings. But this blog not only give the opportunity to apply for the job but also advice/guidance for exploring and getting job satisfaction.This gives the insight of Corporate’s mindset towards hiring.This reminds me of the saying “Awake,Arose and stop not till the goal is achieved”.

  10. This was interesting and eye opening. Very well written!

  11. Great and insightful article for those about to get on the job market and need to start preparing for interviews. I learned what interviewers are thinking during the process and have a better idea of what to expect in terms of questions asked at an interview and how to answer them in a positive light.

  12. I agree with this. You got to know yourself very well first before anything. You’ll perform better in interviews and in the long run be open to new opportunities in your career by knowing exactly what you want.

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