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Adecco Announces 12,000 Immediate Job Openings Nationwide

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Adecco Staffing US Sees Holiday Season Hiring Kick Off Early in 2014 2014 is proving to be a robust year for hiring with over 1.7 million jobs added within the first eight months of the year.  Adecco Staffing US, part of the world’s largest recruitment and workforce solutions provider, is seeing this trend on a nation-wide level with clients opting to move forward on hiring decisions. Additionally, Adecco is seeing holiday seasonal hiring kick off earlier than in years past—another sign of a strengthening economy.

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UPS Announces Plans to Hire 90K+ Seasonal Employees for 2014

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90,000-95,000 seasonal employees needed to handle anticipated e-commerce-driven holiday delivery surge UPS improving forecasting, capacity, package tracking and customer communication to meet ongoing e-commerce and B2B shipping demands Seasonal positions often an entry point to long-term UPS employment UPS announced that it expects to hire between 90,000 – 95,000 seasonal employees to support the anticipated holiday surge in package deliveries that will begin in October and continue through January 2015. The company is gearing up for increased holiday delivery volume in 2014 as it prepares to play a pivotal role in helping retailers take advantage of the holiday gift-giving season. The seasonal positions as package sorters, loaders, delivery helpers and drivers have long been an entry point for permanent employment, training and career opportunity after the company re-assesses its needs following the holiday period. “We have initial volume forecasts from our customers and are starting the hiring process for our temporary peak season jobs,” said John McDevitt, UPS senior vice president of human resources and labor relations. “We have needs throughout the United States and anticipate more applicants this year than in 2013. Individuals who begin employment at UPS during the holiday season have the opportunity to pursue a permanent …

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How to Easily Unfriend Someone on Linkedin

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Linkedin Connection Tips While it’s not always pleasant or something we do every day, the need to remove a social media contact does come up from time to time.  The term “unfriend” was even named “Word of the Year” a couple of years ago.  As a LinkedIn open networker, you do find yourself needing to perform this action more often than a typical LinkedIn user.  You may find yourself connected to a spammer, a fake profile, someone who’s become a bother for whatever reason, or you may need to remove inactive accounts to “make room” for active and/or real-life connections.  It sounds harsh, but it’s a fact of life, especially for those of us who are capped at 30K first-level connections and no longer able to accept invites and connect with the real-life contacts we work with every day. While Facebook and Twitter allow you to easily remove someone by simply visiting their profile and clicking “unfriend” or “unfollow”, LinkedIn doesn’t have this capability.  You must follow this clunky process to remove a connection: 1. Click on the “Contacts” link on the toolbar across the top of your screen. 2. Select “My Connections” from the dropdown menu. 3. Click on …

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How to Make Your Career Choice Your New Reality

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It is never too late to pursue the job of your dreams. You may have started your current position in the hopes of constructing a career from humble beginnings; however, after remaining stagnant, you have come to realize, like 63 percent of American workers, that you are unhappy at your workplace. According to a recent survey conducted by Gallup, engagement at work is at an all time low with dissatisfied workers outnumbering satisfied workers 2 to 1. Rise out of your nine to five slump that’s keeping you disengaged and unfulfilled.

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